Wednesday, October 23, 2013

AMP Insurance New Zealand: Worst Commercial Ever

(The Following is my Opinion, nothing is stated
as fact)

The txt on the picture was created by someone at
the Yellow Fever  soccer forums.

Of all the dumb cliche ideas, companies in New Zealand
have for commercials, these are the ones that piss me
off the most.

The ad revolves around some little kid, (aged about seven, but he
talk like he is two) and his Grandad.  The kid's dad has died.
So he is asking dear old Grandpa about what his dad was like?
(The Grandad reminds me of old man Herbert from Family Guy)

The Dad apparently was nice and cool and one of the good

The Kid then asks did his love like "Rugby or Soccer"

The look on the old guys face was, well thats a silly question,
and proudly said "Rugby"  the boy in a squeaky happy voice
replies  "Me Too"

The voice over in the ad tells us "AMP Insurance, we know what
New Zealanders like the most"

The kid grabs the plane, and the word Family comes up.


I mean they might as well just got the punk ass snot face
little kid to say "Rugby is better than soccer"  or
"Real men play rugby"

It's Just another dig ,NZ advertisers have to do to
appeal to the rugby heads, and that dig is knocking
other sports.

Several other  companies have done this in the past.  Also
Government run ads have done this.

Why did AMP feel the need to run an ad like this, I
dont know?, were they paid some backhander by
the NZRFU? Are the ceo's all Rugby Heads who
thought this would be funny?

Just another example of why I will never follow
the sport of Rugby Union or will never use
AMP for my Insurance.


Anonymous said...

Sounds a bit to me like you have a deep seated ingeriority complex about being a soccer follower.....therapy???

BRETT DALE said...

Sounds to me your a bit like Breen from the old usenet. If not, the ad is just the typical BS advertisers here in NZ use to appeal to rugby UNION heads.

Anonymous said...

Here's the thing champ. I see every month how AMP pays life insurance and trauma claims to young families, widows and children left after family members have died or suffered major medical conditions. The ad is to prompt emotion, and is targeted at the majority of NZ and its historical following's ie rugby.

Post a comment when you have been protecting NZ's for over 150 years.....

Brett DALE said...

Hey champ, This is my blog, "Mr Anonymous", so I can post what I like, since you see what AMP does, Im guessing you work for them?

I hope you had permission from your employer to post on their behalf.