Thursday, October 31, 2013

Steven Adams First NBA Game

2 Points, 3 rebounds, 1 Assist in 18 Minutes.

He also learned so fast, boxing out well, and not
letting the Thunder down.

The kid is the real deal and has the making of a
great ball player.

Going to be a great season.

Red Sox Win!!!

And stayed strong they did!!!

Well done to the Red Sox for winning the World

Loved the fact that Fans marched to the finish
line of the Boston Marathon and chanted "Boston

Party hard, Boston!

NZ 1 USA 1

Congrats to the New Zealand's womans football
team, for drawing a match with the world's number
one team, USA.

This result is huge for womans sport in New Zealand,
and hopefully a call for funding for womans soccer
will be made.

Well done to the Ferns.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

If Im going to get Banned

Has to be a for a good reason, so I might
as well go out in that way.

If people are that grotesque in their ideology
and have that much hatred for the USA, I
dont EVER want to go to their website

So to The blog "The Standard"
 its goodbye, its  sickening that
you think your allowed to destroy memorial
sites to the victims of 9/11 and the Boston
Bombing because you don't like USA
international policy.

I have zero respect for you guys, what you think your
allowed to do is beyond repugnant and
it's cruel.

It's a sad day for humanity when people think
they can do actions like this and call it a political

It's not, it's just plain mean.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

MasterChef Junior USA Season 1 Episode 5 (That Guy beats the Other Guy)

(Update: Not sure why Im blocked
from commenting on Troy's  Masterchef
facebook page, when Im allowed to post
on the other contestant's pages, again, my
post is to do with society, Junior Master Chef
is just a good example of this)

(To TORY'S AGENT, this post is not a 
dig at Troy but how society effects
people's behavior to each other)

Just like in real life, That Guy beats The Other Guy.

Tonight's Junior Masterchef episode, had me watching
with my mouth open, because this episode could've been
used in a human behavioral experiment. For me
it sums up, what I have written about during the past
few years, it's why I do my blog, its about how society treats
people with different personalities, and how people with
those personalities act, because of society.

Make no Mistake, TORY IS THAT GUY   and

The kids had to cook in a restaurant, Troy was on
Gavin's team along with little wee Sarah.

Troy didn't want to be picked on Gavin's team
because he doesn't believe Gavin is the best cook.

Because Gavin had the best dish last week, he
was made team captain.

Troy was having none of that. Troy who is 12
decided to try and take over, and of course
Gavin who is 10, didn't argue, now I don't
think Gavin didn't argue because of his age,
but I think he didn't argue because Troy is
That Guy and of course Gavin is The Other Guy.

It was so mindblowing to watch, Troy (Thru no
fault of his own) just decided to take over, that
is because he has been treated like That Guy
his whole young life and will continue to be.

While Gavin was treated like The Other Guy
and will also continue to be.

Even at the end when Sarah and Gavin got
eliminated, and even though Troy didn't show
much respect to Sarah, she thought Troy will
win it all.

Now I didn't see much difference in cooking
skills tonight, Gavin was certainly calmer and
didn't seem to make mistakes.

So why eliminate Gavin and not Troy?

It's sad that society can  predetermined
someone's destiny, and it's sad that people
will always want That Guy  and not
The Other Guy, again no disrespect to
Troy at all, he's probably a great kid who
is very very talented, but lets face it, in his
life he will have an advantage over the
Gavin's of this world, this is just the start,
lets hope it doesn't effect him, and give
a thought to Gavin, because I'm pretty
sure in 40 years time, if the kids ever
have a reunion, it will be That Guy
who is remembered.

Not The Other Guy.

And that just breaks my heart.


Friday, October 25, 2013

Modern Family

Didnt review it last week, so these are my quick quick
thoughts on the last two episodes, last week and this one.

Both classics, both ten out of ten. One revolved around
everybody arriving late to Jay's favorite restaurant, the
other Cam and Mitch planning in their wedding and not
wanting to use Pepper, but Pepper's assistant.

Both shows were 10/10.

A couple of thoughts though,  The Dunphy kids need
more story lines, they havent been used much, and there
needs to be less Lily.

Although Lily probably had her best scene yet at the end
of the episode getting driven crazy by her two dads, who
were talking about the wedding.

Overall, everything is great, here's hoping it stays that way.

Time will tell.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

AMP Insurance New Zealand: Worst Commercial Ever

(The Following is my Opinion, nothing is stated
as fact)

The txt on the picture was created by someone at
the Yellow Fever  soccer forums.

Of all the dumb cliche ideas, companies in New Zealand
have for commercials, these are the ones that piss me
off the most.

The ad revolves around some little kid, (aged about seven, but he
talk like he is two) and his Grandad.  The kid's dad has died.
So he is asking dear old Grandpa about what his dad was like?
(The Grandad reminds me of old man Herbert from Family Guy)

The Dad apparently was nice and cool and one of the good

The Kid then asks did his love like "Rugby or Soccer"

The look on the old guys face was, well thats a silly question,
and proudly said "Rugby"  the boy in a squeaky happy voice
replies  "Me Too"

The voice over in the ad tells us "AMP Insurance, we know what
New Zealanders like the most"

The kid grabs the plane, and the word Family comes up.


I mean they might as well just got the punk ass snot face
little kid to say "Rugby is better than soccer"  or
"Real men play rugby"

It's Just another dig ,NZ advertisers have to do to
appeal to the rugby heads, and that dig is knocking
other sports.

Several other  companies have done this in the past.  Also
Government run ads have done this.

Why did AMP feel the need to run an ad like this, I
dont know?, were they paid some backhander by
the NZRFU? Are the ceo's all Rugby Heads who
thought this would be funny?

Just another example of why I will never follow
the sport of Rugby Union or will never use
AMP for my Insurance.

Monday, October 21, 2013

October 21 2013







Sunday, October 20, 2013

Azteca Stadium: New Zealand Versus Mexico

Nothing comes close, nothing ever will in our sporting

No matter what anyone in the New Zealand media say,
the New Zealand Versus Mexico soccer game will
be the biggest worldwide TV Audience for any sporting
event involving NewZealand.

Peter Lester might say otherwise, Martin Snedden might
say otherwise, but nothing will ever come close to the
ratings this match will have.

The worldwide coverage this game is going to get, is
something that has never happen to any New Zealand
sports team in our history, I cant emphasis that
point enough.

I also can't emphasis enough, what faces the All Whites.
(All Whites is the nickname of the NZ soccer team for those
that dont know)

They will be playing at the hardest venue to win in
world sport, not only the altitude, but 104 thousand
crazed fans, and I mean crazed, when the USA played
there in 2004, the crowd chanted "Osama Bin Laden"
The opposition fans were pelted with bags of urine, batteries
and glass bottles, and thats only at the game, opposition
fans have to get a police escort to the game and back again,
their hotel will be surrounded by Mexican fans who will
be doing there best to make life hell for the kiwi fans.

The players themselves are in for a worst time, late night
phone calls, bomb threats and anything else that could
disrupt the team's preparation, during the game all hell
will break lose if the All Whites score, fire crackers
will be thrown, think  104 thousand Tuco's from
Breaking Bad and that is what the All Whites face.

Mexico doesn't lose at Azteca, there is a reason
that Jerry Jones the owner of the Dallas Cowboys
pulled down his football stadium in Dallas and
built a new One Billion dollar one, he had gone
to a soccer game at the Azteca and wanted to
build a stadium where your team cant lose.

If the biggest miracle happens and New Zealand
wins at the Azteca, it will be the greatest upset
in the history of sports involving New Zealand,
and hands down they will deserve the Halberg
award and I will go as far to say, if this happen
and they werent awarded the Halberg, then
every New Zealand sporting Journo should
hang their head in shame.

My one wish is the media tells the New Zealand
public all this, without any reference to any
other code, without having to add the usual
references that they do.

Again, this event, the first leg, New Zealand
versus Mexico is hands down the biggest
event in our sporting history and will get
more viewers than any other sporting
event New Zealand has ever been in.

Fingers and toes crossed for a win.

Time will tell.

Jack MasterChef Junior USA

The best person on MasterChef Junior

He is without a doubt, this generation's,
Vinne Del Pino.

Is Junior Master Chef USA wrong

(Update: A Comment I left on the Official Junior 
Mastechef facebook for Troy has been deleted,
the comment just asked, did he apply for the 
show or did his agent get him on?)

(Update 2: Heard from Troy's agent, it appears he
did apply like anyone to be on the show because
he likes cooking and not because the show wanted
kid actors, a big sorry to him, and I wish him well
on the show)

Junior MasterChef Troy (That Guy)

(Update: Have changed this post after the
comments left by Troy's agent)

I believe society will treat Troy like  that guy

I believe that Troy is  one heck of a kid and will
grow into one heck of a adult and wish him all the
best for his career.

I do believe he will be treated differently than most
because he has the makings of being  that guy to

All the best to him.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Modern Family: "Farm Strong"

Again my review for Modern Family sees me giving
the show 10/10.

This week's episode was titled Farm Strong and revolved
about members of the family being sensitive.

The plots revolved around Jay wanting to give Gloria glasses,
Cam's sister getting engaged to the man that Cam use to have
a crush on, and Phil and Claire deciding to miss Luke's soccer
game, but Claire going anyway.

It was a heartwarming episode, but the highlights were the comedy
involving Phil accidently killing some birds, of course there were
references by his family, to keep reminding him, what he did.

The best visual scene was a throwback to The Birds, Phil looked
up to see one crow on the roof looking at him. Then a cut away,
then when they went back to Phil he looks up again, and half a
dozen crows were there.

The look on his face was priceless,  and sums up what Modern
Family has been doing so well this season.


Junior MasterChef Gavin gets a B

As predicted in my previous post, Gavin
is The Other Guy.

Last night on Junior Masster Chef, he didn't
get eliminated, too early on for that, but he
didnt wow the judges, he earned a B.

The other contestants, just sort of shrugged
their shoulders and politely clapped, none of
of the kids said good job, they didnt boo him,
he was just kinda there.

He was also the last contestant to be picked
for teams, despite not being the worst cook.

Sure Sarah may of yelled out "whip it like a man
Gavin" but I think she wouldve said it no matter
what was happening.  Of course Troy, the grungy
kid got the plaudits from the kids and judges themselves.

I'm sure next week or the week after will be the week that
Gavin goes, wont be much fanfare, people wont laugh or cry,
he will just sort of go.

Welcome to the life of The Other Guy.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Junior MasterChef (The other guy)

This is who I was talking about, when I
did my post, The Other Guy.

I had no idea, who Gavin was, when I did
my post, but he sums The Other Guy up
to a tee.

The kids name is Gavin, which doesnt help
for a start, and I predict that he will go through his
life being The Other Guy.

Gavin is a contestant on the USA version of Junior
Master Chef. He is around 10-12 years of age, he
didn't get eliminated last week, the girl who got eliminated,
he went  to her and patted her on the back and wished her well,
she didnt push him away, but she also didnt get emotional,
she just sort of acknowledge him, but when she went
to the other contestant's, she burst out crying.

This will sum up what he's going to go through, thru out life.

In this comp, I'm sure he will do well, he wont be eliminated
early, but he wont thrill the judges, he will clap and cheer the
other kids on, and about halfway thru he will go.

When there is a group challenge, he will just be there, he may
not be picked on, but he wont be listen to or taken seriously,
if he gives words of encouragement, people will just shrug
it off, if their is a error, people will blame him, not to be
nasty, but just because its him.

As a adult, he will go through  the same thing in the work place, someone
may get fired, he will try and cheer them up, but because the
advice is coming from him, he won't be listen to, because
he is the other guy.

He may or may not get married, it will be hard for him, the girl
he has an eye on, wont have her friends saying "yeah go out
with Gavin"

Gavin seems like a nice kid and will grow into a nice adult who
wont hurt anyone, he wont be taken seriously, he will just be
there, because he is the other guy.

I hope Im wrong.

Time will tell.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Homeland renamed Danaland

Season three of Homeland is  to be renamed Danaland.

The show which was about Terrorism, War, CIA and
mental illness has changed.

It's now like totally about an awesome like teen girl, who's
in the house, BOOM GIRLFRIEND.

She takes selfies, she self harms, she swears and yells and
has teen angst, she has sex, she has teen angst, she wants to
live, she's in the house.

The show which now appeals to 9-13 year old girls will
probably be moved  along side Glee and the
remake of Beverly hills 902010.

Way to kill off a series, writers.

One more chance writers, one more episode.

It's two strikes so far.

Can you save it.

Time will tell.

Monday, October 7, 2013


Bout time, they made another one, isn't?

Cuts not made by Rifle

A scientist has ruled that cuts on Robin Bain's
dad's hands, were not a result of him loading
a rifle.

The only person's fingerprints that was ever found on
the rifle, was David Bain, who is pictured.

Maybe its time for New Zealand to say sorry to the late  Robin
Bain, and  stop asking for compensation for David.

I anit holding my breath though.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

The New Zealand Rugby Union Fan

The New Zealand Rugby Union fan is
without doubt the most ignorant, pathetic
sportsfan on the face of the planet, they
will never grow up.

They have such a chip on their shoulder it
never ceases to amaze me.

I thought they might change, when NZ first got
paytv and we could delight in all the different
sports that are played around the world.

I thought once the internet came, that they could
see the world has its own sports that they love.

But alas no, the New Zealand Rugby Union fan
still needs to belittle other sports. A writer for stuff
decided to rip into America football, using the usual
false cliche's, all for the purpose to try and make their
sport of Rugby Union look better.

League fans don't do this, Basketball fans don't do this,
soccer fans don't do this, cricket fans don't do this.

But for some reason the Rugby Union fans of NewZealand
feel the need to knock other sports.

Maybe it's insecurity, maybe its because deep down they know
the world doesn't actually follow the All Blacks, I'm not sure
but its pretty hateful, and it sometimes repugnant, the level of
hate the  New Zealand Rugby Union fan has for other sports.

They will never change.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Most Vile website ever

(I will not link to the website, you can find it
on google searches)

Meet, New Zealand's most vile website ever.

Not even The Standard reaches the low of the
low, this site hits every day.

I only have to say, that their writers include John
Minto, Sue Bradford and Martyn Bradbury to
let you know how repugnant this site is.

What the fuck is wrong with the left in NewZealand,
that they produce sites like this.

Basically, according to this site, everything is the fault
of the USA, with the recent shutdown, writer Martyn
Bradbury, celebrated because it meant America wont
be killing tens of thousands of babies overseas.

In the comment sections, comments such as the
USA were to blame for the Kenya Mall attacks,
was meet with 10 likes.

How can the left in NewZealand (people who in the
past have included the great David Lange and Mickey
Savage) produce such hatred , such grotesque
comments all directed at one country.

It doesn't matter what tragic event hits the USA, they're
writing such hurtful and damaging articles.

It's sad, its hateful and always surprises me, that people
would be happy if a tragic event happens in the USA.

It shouldn't surprise me though, that is what the left is
now like in NewZealand and has been for over  a

One of their writers is Julie Fairly, the brilliant writer
who started the always good "The Hand Mirror",
not sure how she can lower herself to write for
such a hurtful blog.

Not sure how anyone can?

Will the blog become a hit?

Of course it will, people love to hate.

And the New Zealand extreme left has
always loved to hate on the USA.

Very sad indeed.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Modern Family Review: "Larry's Wife"

Yet another brilliant episode from Modern Family.

Ten out of Ten.

Tonight's episode revolved around, Phil using his charm
to sell houses to recently divorced women, Jay taking
Manny to see Mary Poppins, Luke's friends beating
him and Haley at Poker with Alex saving the day, well
sort of, and Cam holding a funeral for a pretend cat.

A couple of side stories thrown in also, with a brief
appearance by Dylan.

Phil has charm, and he was using it on the woman to
sell houses, making them all think they were special,
while neglecting Claire. In the end of course, Phil got
caught out to the delight of Claire.

Cam's funeral for Larry's wife, was typical Cam, showing
him as the over the top, emotional man that he is.

The story line that got me though, was Manny not
liking Jay being aggressive at the Mall, but when
someone dared to talk thru Mary Poppins, Manny
went all George Contanza like.

Manny and Jay Celebrated by going to see Death Wish.

The Gloria and the baby being evil storyline did seem
thrown in there, and the show could do with less Lily.

The Dunphy kids were amazing as always, I love how
they always turn to Alex when they're in a bind, even
though as she said, she went to far and had to go with

I hope further episodes use the Dunphy kid's even more.

All in all another brilliant episode, the show just gets
better and better.


Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Hey Psychics Take The Challenge

Five questions.

The questions have been choosen carefully.

They require accurate answers.  Cold reading
cannot be used to answer these questions, so
no vague answers.

Hot reading cannot be used to answer these
questions, no amount of searches on google,
social media will help you answer these questions.

You can only answer these questions if you
are truly psychic.

So here goes, I will personally donate to
the charity of your choice, if you can get one

1: What is the codeword myself and my friend
use to use at malls.

2: City of restaurant, that it took me 45 minutes to
eat one piece of chicken.

3: What did the lady hand out to me and other people for free in
a pool in vegas.

4: My fav song as a child.

5: What was funny about the server in question 2?

Tuesday, October 1, 2013