Sunday, September 22, 2013

Was that you Mr Blair Robertson

(What might appear as a "miss" or "wrong" will often

 prove true later upon checking with other
 family members or friends) Blair Robertson.

The above Line is what all psychic mediums
 use, if you think they're wrong
they turn the blame to you.

(The following is just my opinion, nothing is stated as fact,
for entertainment purposes only)

Somebody has stopped my tweets with links
being showed up on searches on Twitter.

I'm kinda guessing its Blair Robertson, can't
be sure, but it's a say bet, that he contacted
the good folk of twitter.

I'm quite surprised that someone that hangs out
with Casper the friendly Ghost, will be against
free speech so much.

Anyway, I don't want  this blog being
stopped or censored,  so this will be my last post
I do on Blair Robertson, just incase he feels the
need to contact google.

So Mr Blair Robertson, the man who speaks
to ghosts, and predicts worldwide events, I
hope your happy and well, I hope your rolling
in a pile of money as you go on your merry way
ripping off families that are grieving.

I hope you can look at yourself in the mirror.

I hope you have your team on people, keeping
an eye out, just in case, someone may be writing
negative stuff about you on the internet, because
free speech is a bad thing, huh!

Say Hello to Casper for me, don't forgot to predict
an earthquake in India or a bus crash in China.

And always remember, its about the money, it's
something to do with money, there is money involved.

I predict you will never change.

You don't have to be psychic, to know that is true.

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