Thursday, September 26, 2013

Sport Science Versus No 8 Fencing Wire

Sports Science will always beat the no 8 fencing wire.

New Zealand can only hope that the days of people
saying, "Colin Meads worked on a farm"


"Our boys need to go to Colin Meads farm and they will

are over.

It's cemented in reality to say, "There isn't one
international player or team that would take
the no8 fencing wire approach.

For far too long Kiwis have lived with the myth
that sport science is bad, and just digging in and
doing the hard yards is right.

Nothing can be further from the truth.

Just look at what the two options produce.

No 8 Fencing wire produces  Netballers that
shoot from two feet and complain a bump is
too psychical.

Sport Science produces Brittany Griner, a
female Basketballer that can dunk and
Brenna Stewart a player that can shoot from
40 feet.

No 8 Fencing wire produces Netballers that have
a vertical leap of 10 inches, the Wnba producers
players with a vertical leap of 30 inches.

Sport Science gives you a top three finish on the
Olympic Table.

Sport Science gives you top rowers.

No 8 Fencing wire gives you  a medal in show jumping
and a medal in P/80/C class boat racing and a medal at
the over 40 Lawn Bowls world champs.

Sport Science gives you the best leagues on the planet,

No 8 Fencing Wire gives you the ITM cup.

Sport Science gives you an NFL player with the
vertical leap of an NBA player.

No 8 Fencing Wire gives you a downhill mountain
bike, bmx rider.

Sport Science gives you top class sprinters.

No 8 Fencing Wire gives you a long distance uphill

Kiwis need to embrace sport science, every successful
country on the planet and successful sports person embraces
sports science.

Every successful Kiwi who plays a GLOBAL SPORT
embraces it.

So why are Kiwis still against it, and why are so many
Kiwis still screaming out on message boards, that they
hate sport science?

I will never know.

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