Friday, September 27, 2013

Quinn Woodward Pu

Quinn Woodward Pu is the lady who thought she
was clever and witty, by sending out to all forms
of social media a tweet she sent to a guy.

What happened was, Quinn had a one night stand
with this fella, the guy respectfully send her a txt
the next day, saying it was just a one off thing, and
he was sorry,  and that she was a real nice
girl, and he wished her well.

Well Quinn wasnt taking any crap from this guy.

Not only did she out a txt that was around five times
longer, she felt the need to tell the guy, she has been
published twice and owned a condo and has hooked
back up with her ex.

She then decided to use her blog, facebook and
tweeter to tell the world what she did.

I guess she expected, reactions like....




What actually happened was, that
people thought the guy had class for even
txting her and not making her wait to see
if he wanted to see her again.

Secondly, she made a laughing stock of herself,
she tried to prove that she was better, yet she
came off as a D grade wannabe celeb, desperate
and pitiful.

Karma's a bitch sometimes.

Let this be a lesson to people who have to be
mean and nasty, you may think your clever
and cool, but you anit, you may think people
all over twitter are cheering you on, but they're
actually laughing  at you.

If someone sends you a nice txt, even though they
may be wrong in your eyes, you send them something
nice back, it's just the right thing to do.

Too bad Quinn Woodward Pu hasn't figure this

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