Friday, September 13, 2013

Most Annoying Kid Actors Ever

Im not talking about, the kids who are suppose to be annoying, 
You know the ones you love to hate, or the kids who play a bully character, Im talking about the kids who wreck a movie or tv show, because they cant act or they play the part so wrong it just ruins the movie/tv show, and in some cases it seems they deliberately go out to wreck a scene.
Its also not an anti kid post, some kid actors thru the years have been brilliant, Christina Ricci, Anna Paquin, Max Casella, Ejilah Wood.
Imho these kids are worst, because they have ruined a show or movie.
10: Danny Cooksey: The little punk ass, snot face kid, came in for the last three seasons of Different strokes, playing the son of Mr Drummonds new wife, he tried to play the part, way too over cute, and came across as a kid who thought he was cute and funny, but was just a pain in the ass.
9: REMOVED: Had second thoughts, this kid wasn't so bad.
8:Kid in an episode of Modern Family: In the opening episode of Modern Family season 3, they go to a dude range, one of the storylines in it, is the youngest daughter (age 13? I think) falls for a boy, the kid who played him (and later it came out the directors were p*ssed) decided to read his lines like he was in the Sopranos.
7:Rico on Hannah Montana: If you have nieces or nephews you know this show, sure he is there to annoy the character Jackson, but the smugness in which he played the part, made it more annoying than it had to be, it was almost like the actor thought, he was too good to play the role.
6:Jake Cherry: Played the kid in Night at the Museum, it seems like he wanted to play the part three or four years younger than it was, and spent most the time looking to play it too cutesy (again, talk was the directors were fuming, that this kid thought, this was the way he thought it should be played)
5:Zachary Gordon: The movie version of dairy of a wimpy kid, should've been so huge, with all the sequels, it should've made billions, but they hired the wrong kid to play the lead character. Zach played the part so off base, instead of being someone you cheered for, you wanted his face smashed in, how one child actor could be so full of themselves,and play the part of the everyman, like this is beyond me.
4:Turtle kid in Telecom Ad: Dude your 14, your playing the part of a ten year old, why the hell are you speaking like a three year old. It's BORIS, not BORWIS.
3:Boy actor in Vodaphone ad: Boy was an amazing movie, and his performance should've gotten him a nod for best supporting actor, but in these vodaphone ads, its just too much, we get it, your a cheeky maori boy who is kind at heart, its just too much and not understated enough.
2:all the kid actors in the nutty peanut butter ad from the 1980's, words fail me, how can something be so uncute, so unfunny and so uncool and the commerical just makes me never wanting to buy that product again.
1:Jake Lloyd:Was there any doubt?, that little Runt cant grow up to be darth vader, forget jar jar blinks, he is the reason the movie failed, what made everything worse was, after seeing the movie in the states, I watched the tonight show, and he was on it, legs/arms spread on the couch and he said "Jay jay jay, Darth isnt a bad guy, and Im not a bad guy, Im me"
He hasnt worked since.

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