Thursday, September 26, 2013

Modern Family Season Premiere

Modern Family Season Five started tonight with a
double episode and it showed why it has won
four emmy's in a row for best Comedy.

It was nothing short of brilliant.

Funniest line goes to Haley who when she saw her
sister stressing out, she said to her parents, "This is
what happens when teens don't have sex.

Funniest visual scene goes to Phil, when he was wearing
short shorts, and said "One out of three anit bad" after
Claire talks of summers past with fireflys,  cut off shorts
and ice cream.

Manny's trip to Columbia showed a warmth by Jay when
he reads his letter.

Other stories line was Luke and Manny first day at High
School, Claire working for Jay, and Phil and Gloria being
in a coffee commercial.

It was the warmth of Cam and Mitch proposing to each
other while changing a flat tyre, that made my heart soar.

A gay marriage on a mainstream network, shows how
far we have come, and shows that Modern Family does
indeed play by it's own rules, without being political, it's
a  show about love between the characters.

Every Modern Family fan will be celebrating the fact that
the show still has it, and shows no signs of aging at all.

 Ten out of Ten.

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