Sunday, September 22, 2013

Casper Gives Blair Robertson Advice

(What might appear as a "miss" or "wrong" will often
 prove true later upon checking with other
 family members or friends) Blair Robertson.

The above Line is what all psychic mediums
 use, if you think they're wrong
they turn the blame to you.

(The following is just my opinion, nothing is stated as fact,
for entertainment purposes only)

Psychic con artist Blair Robertson wants you to
believe, that Casper the Ghost is giving him
advice, and of course the advice Casper is
giving him, is to  drop the part of his
con that makes him no money.

If I was Casper, I would sue Blair Robertson
for fraud, because Casper being the cool ghost
he is, would never talk to a douche like Blair

I mean for pete's sake, Casper is hanging out
with Christina Ricci!!, Christina Ricci!  If I was
with Christina Ricci, why the hell would I talk to
a slimy sleaze like Blair Robertson.

I mean, have ya seen Black Snake Moan, I mean
just wow, totally wow, you gotta know that
Samuel Jackson loved that role.

Anyway, Blair Robertson wont make weekly lies
anymore, it's going to be monthly lies, yet this con
artist, wants to blame Casper, Casper who is always

Yet Blair Robertson's followers believe him, which
is something I will never understand.

Here's hoping Casper will have a word in his ear,
and here's hoping Blair's followers wont give him
one more cent.

Unfortunately, there's more chance of the former
being true, not the later.

Time will tell.

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