Friday, September 20, 2013

Blair Robertson gets me 12 hour ban from FaceBook

(What might appear as a "miss" or "wrong" will often
 prove true later upon checking with other
 family members or friends) Blair Robertson.

The above Line is what all psychic mediums
 use, if you think they're wrong
they turn the blame to you.

(There hasn't been one person that has ever
proven psychic ability under controlled conditions)

(The following is my opinion, I state nothing as

Psychic con artist Blair Robertson has gotten
me banned for 12 hours on facebook.

Thankfully it was my facebook page that I use
to follow entertainment news, sport news and
not the one I use for friends and family, although
I am hardly ever on that facebook page anyway.

So a guy who can  says he talk to dead people
and says he has predicted  major disasters, doesn't like
free speech on facebook.

Well done Mr Blair Robertson, you must be
so proud of yourself, taking money off of
grieving people, using tragic events, and now
censoring people on facebook, your a real

Here's hoping one day, some doco crew doing
a doco on con artists, does one on you, as the
great Penn Jillette said, psychics aren't con artists.
they are criminals.

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