Monday, August 5, 2013

Tall Ferns Huge Task

I hope that the New Zealand media does a
good job at telling the New Zealand public,
what a impossible task, they're faced with.

The New Zealand woman's Basketball team
A.K.A The Tall Ferns, has to face a full strength
Australian side to try and make the world Champs.

There is no way they can get close, I only our media
tells the kiwi public, how hard this task is? I don't
think non Basketball Journos  understand what is
ahead of the Tall Ferns.

The public will look at the result, and probably think
the Tall ferns don't deserve to get any attention.

They do, they're just very unlucky that they have to
face  of the great female sports teams on the face of
the planet.

Here's hoping the Brendan Telfer's, Andrew Saville's
and the writers of the Herald and stuff, will explain this
to the public.

But I anit holding my breath.

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