Sunday, August 25, 2013

Bad Customer

There was a piece written at the Huffington Post about
Bad Customers, (not the lady pictured here) it was
brilliant and it got me thinking.

I have in the past, written about bad customer experiences I've had,
not very often at all, just a few experiences, so fair enough,
but I then think about others who have written about their
bad experiences as customers, but Im now thinking they're
actually bad customers.

You know the ones, the people who would go into a store
and scream and swear and rant and then if someone tells
them to calm down, they would go even more berserk.
They're also the type of people, if someone else is
screaming and swearing, would say to that person,
chill out, calm down, don't be so sensitive.

They're the type of people who perceived they're
done wrong and people are against them, they will
go on twitter and facebook and tumblr and all other
forms of social media to tell the world what a bad
customer experience they've had, hoping that all
their social media friends, will write letters to the
business hoping they can get their money back and
be proven right.

They're the people who make it hard for actual
customers who have had a bad experience to
get some rightful feedback, they're indeed bad

They're normally narcissist who have several
other issues in their life's, their problems are
always overblown, anyone else is just a crybaby
who needs a wambulance.

These bad customers, are bad for business people,
bad for actual customers, take up too much
space on social media and will always think
they're right and everyone else better make things
better for them, or else.

They will never learn, they will never grow, and
no matter  how much business bends over backwards
for them, they wont appreciate it.

Here's hoping for the sake of customers everywhere,
they take their business elsewhere.

Time will tell.

PS: BTW I dont work in customer service.

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