Sunday, July 7, 2013

Where's my White Privilege?

Hi, where is my white privilege? I don't think
I have any.

Too say racism or sexism doesn't exist is beyond belief.
Of course it still exists, in every day life, in the work
place, or in the street, sitting on a  airplane, getting
served in a Restaurant, getting funny looks because of
your race/gender/sexuality is disgusting.

Basically  to be judge by what you are, and  not who you are
is wrong.

Saying white privilege doesn't exist is also wrong, but
saying every white person has some sort of white privilege
is not cemented in reality.

I did a post a few blogs back, one titled "Why is it always
that guy?" and the other post was titled,  "The other guy"

Some white guys don't have white privilege, (not that
you would want it) if you short, fat, balding, unattractive,
you don't have white privilege.

Case in point, two white people ahead of me in
line at a chemist, one was coughing and spluttering
away, it was the middle of winter, this 30 something
guy  got stopped when buying Panadol.

They asked him for some photo ID, the name of his G.P
and various other questions, he was asked if he was using
it for P, he said no, he gave them his details and  he was sold
only one packet,  he looked like Danny Devito.

The guy behind him also bought pandol, he was
in his 20's I guess, he didn't get asked for I.D, he didn't get
ask any  questions, he got good service.

He was good looking and smooth.

Many incidents like that, are a case of "that guy" syndrome
and not "white privilege syndrome"

If your good looking, your are going to get better service
than someone who isn't.

Go to your local mall, take a look at the short fat guys, the
balding guys, the geeky guys, see how society treats them
compare to the good looking guys, nothing to do with white
privilege, but a bias.

About ten years ago, two clinical psychologists  did this test, they
got two men, both white, one six foot two, one five foot two,
they dressed them up in the same looking outfit, and asked woman in
the street, what they thought their jobs were.

For the guy who was six foot two, the replies were, "He's a lawyer",
"Hes a stock broker" "He's a CEO" "He's a millionaire"

For the guy who was five foot two, the answers were "He's on
the dole", "He's off to see his parole officer", "He's a kitchen hand",
"He's on Minimum wage"

I don't think that guy has any sort of white privilege.

My point is, yes white privilege exists, but not all
white guys have it, and some white guys suffer from different
types of prejudices also.

Just something to think about.

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