Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Other Guy

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Meet the other guy. It's never about him, it will never
be about him, it will never get better for him.

Unlike that guy, he doesn't get the best service in a
restaurant, he doesn't get the promotion, he doesnt fly
thru customs, he will get the smart alec shop assistant,
 because he anit that guy. He wont be listen to in a
group discussion, his opinion will be brush off, because
he anit that guy.

He may have a neurological disorder, he may have asperger's
or autism, he may be socially awkward or suffer from various
social anxiety issues, if something goes wrong, he will get the
blame and say nothing.

He will rarely venture out, he may never get married or even
have a girlfriend, yet he will go through life trying his best, he
will work, he will make his employers and that guy
a lot of money, yet he won't get credit.

So take a thought for the other guy, he may have
quirks, he may not look like that guy, but he does
 deserve your respect.

Too bad that guy and society disagrees.

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