Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Case for Basketball

I think Basketball should get funding from
High Performance Sport New Zealand.

My reasons are many, for a start it's
truly a global game, it's a sport that
is played by both genders, and the
opportunities for both genders are
second to none.

It's been a game, when New Zealand has
done far far better than we should on the
world stage, to compete like we have in the
past 10 years has amazed me, and thrilled the

But it's not just the performances of the
National team should be taken into
consideration, its the educational
opportunities it gives young people.

 By funding Basketball at a youth level, you can
lift our young men and girls out of
poverty, there is probably no other
sport that could give a person living
in South Auckland or Aranui a chance
to attend college in the USA. The NCAA
program is always looking overseas for
talented high school players, to play in the
NCAA division 1/2/3 competitions.

Education is the key for young people,
Basketball is a way for them, yet HPSNZ
don't seem to understand this.

Basketball needs the funding so these players
can have a decent high school program in
New Zealand to increase their chances of
being spotted.

On a National team level, the funding is needed,
to bring back talent from  overseas, there are
currently a handful of kiwis playing at High School
in the states, and at college who wont get a look
in, because there arent the funds to bring them back.

With funding this group will get larger, and will be able
to be bought back, thus making our National men
and womans team stronger.

Alex Baumann the CE of High performance
sport New Zealand, wants Basketball
New Zealand to present it's case, a bit better.

He thinks it's not fair to other sports, that if
HPSNZ funds Basketball, those sports will
have their funding cut.

I say, he really should look at it, in a different way.

When you give Equestrian millions of dollars, your
funding an extremely small group of  people a lot of
money so the public of New Zealand can have one
feel good moment every four years.

When you fund certain martial arts your funding another
small group of people, so they can feel good about
being at the top of their sport.

When you fund Lawn Bowls, I mean seriously you
guys, fund Lawn Bowls???

When you fund the big sports in New Zealand, Rugby
Union, Cricket and Netball, your giving money to
sports that don't need money, yes we know we are
world beaters in these sports (well not cricket) but
it's slightly easier to win at these sports, since they're
arent that Global.

So I say, yes pour money into the sport of Basketball,
it should tick every box you want.

In fact there is no logical answer to why Basketball
shouldn't be funded.

Here's hoping one day it will be.

Time will tell.

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