Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Real Names or Not Real Names

This post isn't about using your real name
or using a false name on internet message
boards, facebook, twitter/vine/tumblr/instagram.

It's about the behavior of people who don't use
their real name towards the ones that do.

I can understand someone not wanting to use
their real name on social media forums or on
message boards, ya never know what creepy
people are lurking about with their mansplaining

Here is my HUGE HUGE problem with those
who dont use their real names though.

They have a habit of going after those that do, and
will continue to use their full names, in their replys, tweets
or on message boards to that person.

For example, I use my real name on MOST forms of
social media, which is my choice, but why when its
NOT necessary to use my name in a reply to a post,
these people do?

It's always used in a negative context by the people
who don't have the courage to use their real name.

What point are people trying to make?

Are they trying to say, if you dont agree with what
I write, I will blast your full name out in a reply, that
will teach ya!!!!

For myself I find it gutless, and quite hypocritical.

For once though, I would like someone to reply to my
message without having to write my FULL NAME
in  their reply.

Coming for people who don't use their full name, I
think it shows a form if cowardice.

Will it ever stop? Or course not? It's the internet.

Time has already told.

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