Saturday, July 13, 2013

NBL Final Four Weekend

I have just watched two great games of basketball,
in the NBL final four. Southland Sharks pulled off
a massive upset and beat the Wellington Saints, and
the might of the Nelson Giants, beat the Otago Nuggets.

They will play each other tomorrow in the grand final.

Let me say this, its fu*kin disgraceful with the empty
seats in the stadium.

hang your head in shame, Hawkes Bay.

Sure your team didnt make the final, but this was
beyond embarrassing for the game in this country
which has been on a high lately.

Who promoted this? Who was in charge of making
sure ticket sales went well.

This has to be the smallest in the history of the final
four in this country.

It was awful seeing this.

Hawkes Bay better, NEVER EVER get a
final four  again, or any other important
basketball match.

Shame on them.


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