Sunday, July 7, 2013

Narcissist Part Two

Just thinking about the post I did about
people who are Narcissist, and I think
the research misses out on one other
personality quality.

They must be the biggest hypocrites
on the internet. One former blogger
who is now, everywhere on the internet,
you name the social media, they're on it.

Has for the past well nearly ten years, screamed,
yelled, abused people who don't agree with what
they have written.

Not really my style, but anyway, a few days ago
I was cleaning up this blog, adding labels, looking
at past posts, and I came across this person's comments
to one of my posts.

This blogger who for ten years have told people, they
dont get to tell them, how they should react, wrote...

"Your too sensitive, your being overly sensitive, you
need to chill"

I was gobsmacked, I have seen hypocrites on the
internet and in real life, but reading that comment
from five years ago, just floored me, are all
Narcissist's hypocrites??

Is that a trait they should be painted with?

Has any research be done into it?

Or is it highly unusual?

A Narcissist hypocrite, not the
greatest thing to be, I think.

Here's hoping I never run into one.

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