Sunday, July 28, 2013

Krissi Biasiello Vulgar Racist

Well, we now know, where Krissi Biasiello
heart lies.

Not only is she a vulgar crude hypocrite, she
is also a racist that makes rape jokes.

In tweets she used the N word, also making
a sick joke using the N word and rape.

I will reprint her tweet here, I only hope she
is exposed widely in the mainstream for the
hateful racist that she is.

Time will tell.


Anonymous said...

Krissi Biasiello's comments about rape and the black man then the 'N' word, this woman is clearly a bully and it is not only evidenced by these comments that she made on her twitter account but it is also witnessed by millions of us who see her on TV's Masterchef. Krissi is continually badmouthing contestant's and needles them and even says that she will physically harm them!

Now, I am astonished that this program or news station allows her to continue her harassment because she has threatened physical harm to another person on air. The news station must love this as it is ratings gold but in reality it makes my skin crawl and I am disgusted with this sick woman Krissi and I am further sickened with the quest of the 'Masterchef' to just keep this sick woman in their midst just for their ratings.

She obviously has several serious personality issues and there is no way the Chefs will give her the title as the Title will go forward to 'sell' books and do you really think people will ever buy a book published by this racist person called Krissi Biasiello? She is one of the most unattractive in appearance and foul mouthed people; therefore, who in there right mind would ever want to be aligned with Krissi Biasiello?

I suspect In Krissi's childhood and adolescent, she was the victim of bullying because face it, as mentioned above, she is not an attractive adult and I suspect as a child, she probably had weight issues as well and likely was not accepted. If that was the case, I empathize with her greatly and feel sorry for her but must add that this does not give her a 'pass' to then go ahead then spread her vitriol and vicious nature upon those that she feels that are weaker than her.

She is a very poor example to her son and she is showing her son how to be a prejudiced person who is also very mean spirited and nasty! The worst part of her is when she actually uses the name of her son to either excuse her behaviour or to advance her causes, she does this so many times so as to be despicable. This woman needs to just shut her mouth and have some humility.

Brett Dale said...

Agree 100%, very good points.