Thursday, July 11, 2013

Krissi Biasiello MasterChef

There is a reason you are hated Krissi

It's not because of the reasons you think.

It's a lot of reasons, your lack of self awareness
for one.

Your treatment of other people.

You do know it's not standing up for yourself when you
verbally abuse other people and threaten to do physical

It was completely crazy that was she allowed to stay on the show
after this.

One of the other contestants got it wrong, they think that
Krissi Biasiello is actually insecure and that is why she
lashes out at people.

I totally disagree, she is a Narcissist who not only
has a high opinion of herself that is not deserved,
but an extremely low opinion of others, she thinks
the rules of common decency doesn't apply to her.

She wont stay on, she is kept for now for ratings purposes,
which is wrong, as I said in another posts, if she was
playing the part of a witch and wanted a career in
reality TV, I could understand, but it's not that, she
is just a vicious person, who's treatment of other's
is cruel and nasty.

Here's hoping the other contestants will have enough
and actually walk out on the show, but I don't see that

Time will tell.

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