Monday, July 1, 2013

July 1st 2013: The death of my Childhood

Today is a sad day indeed. July 1st 2013, New Zealand
time, is the day my childhood officially died. Ever since
back to the future 2,  my dream had been to see a
hoverboard get invented, every so often during the
decades, my hopes would go up, every time the
movie came on tv, every time a Scott Neitlich or
a mattel spokesperson would hint, that they're
working on one,  my heart would soar with happiness.

I would see youtube videos of French/German/Israeli's
people with huge IQ's, showing in a controlled environment
that hoverboards can indeed hover.

I started to think, that sure maybe there wont be one in
my lifetime like in the movie, but just perhaps in a controlled
environment like a indoor skating rink, I might in the future,
have a hoverboard experience.

Until today, when I read the following that was posted over
at the rpf forums...

"If you look at those super conductivity experiments, you will
 find the conditions yo be impractical for what you are
 proposing. To keep the conditions of the experiments
 noted, you have to use some toxic materials as well produce
 extreme temperatures over a wide area. It is impractical to
 apply and engineer as you want at this time. There are theories
 on high temperature super conductivity but again, on the scale
 you are speaking and with the use you are talking of, just not 
practical to do. In those cases, you are manipulating the 
environment, not producing a board capable of hovering 
on its own. If you did create a large scale room, the cost 
would be astronomical for that ride around the room, not
 to mention the dangers of the environment to do so in.

Those desktop examples are just that with extreme limitations.
 The technologies you are asking for just are not available on
 such a scale and while it would be cool to have, the reality
 is that the hoverboard is a fictional device and will continue
 to be such for some time into the future.

If you want a ride, they could hook up a pole to the

 bottom of a board as they did in the filming and you could
 zoom around the room like a carnival ride. I would hate
 to think of the liability of you took  a fall on that system.

 It would be more practical and you get an illusion effect.
 But in the end, its as cheap of an experience as the method. 
You would be better to go snowboarding or skiing and have a
 better feel in a real environment. Or, attach wheels to the board 
and have a skate board. The "hover effect you are looking towards
 is just not a reality than me as a pilot demanding Boeing make a 
functional X-wing with all the movie capabilities."

I am now shattered and sad, this was the final nail in the
coffin to my hoverboard dreams, this was the final nail
in the coffin to my childhood. Its over.

As the great Garth Brooks once said.

Reality is no friend of the dreamer.

RIP: Hoverboard dreams.

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