Wednesday, July 17, 2013

An Open Letter to Alex Baumann

Dear Alex Baumann, Chief Executive, of high performance sport
New Zealand, when a sport is as global as Basketball, its not fair
to expect a podium finish.

Your statement released today, seemed very well thought out,
but I'm afraid, it doesn't hold up when you look deeper into

You say Basketball wont have a podium position in 2016
and 2020.

Are you aware, of the Global presence of Basketball and
how hard it is to be a top three nation? It's virtually
impossible to expect the Tall Blacks or The Tall Ferns
to do this?

If you use this scenario, wouldn't Football get zero funding

It also doesn't ring true that you only fund sports that are
capable of a podium finish,your own webpage lists all the
sport's you fund, and some of them have never won a
medal at any Olympics or world champs.

We currently have players playing college Basketball and
High school Basketball in the states, who will go unnoticed
because of this insane rule that HPSNZ DONT APPLY
to other sports.

The game of Basketball is more important to kiwis
than Canoe Salom or Martial arts, to ignore it, is not
a good look. For our national team not to have
access to our best players is criminal.

The last thing I can say to yourself Alex Baumann,
is to do research and find out what an amazing
game Basketball is, and because of its GLOBAL
importance, look at the change it can make in young kiwis
life's, you may then feel different about your
funding decision.

Time will tell.

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