Tuesday, July 16, 2013


It's absolutely heart breaking and
also extremely disappointing that
High Performance Sport New
Zealand wont give any funding
at all to the sport of Basketball
in this country.

For our National team not to be
able to have the resources that
funding would give them to
compete competitively on the
world stage is truly terrible.

Bringing Steven Adams home
for the series against Australia
should've been a must,  having
the funds to book decent hotel's
for the trip to China is a must.

To fund the game at youth level
is a must, yet the sport of
Basketball gets ZERO funding, despite
being the second biggest sport on
the planet.

The media cannot wash their hands of
this travesty, I would've thought that
any Journalist worth a grain of salt
to their profession, would totally be
ripping into HPSNZ, but it would
appear they're quite happy for
HPSNZ to fund, Squash, Canoe
Slalom and Takewondeo, hundreds of
thousands of dollars, but zero
for Basketball. Why is this, why is the
media, mostly silence on this, I haven't
yet figured it out, I wish someone would
tell me.

We have a great game in this country, but
it needs the money, without it, the sport will

I only hope in the next round of funding,
HPSNZ will look long term at the sport
of Basketball, and think, this is a sport
we should fund, this is a sport that is
global, this is a sport that can bring people
out of poverty.

I  hope that Journalistic pressure
and commonsense will make HPSNZ
fund the sport of Basketball.

Because the sport desperately needs it.


Anonymous said...

Hi - basketball does get funding at youth level, around half a million dollars a year from Sport NZ. And the door isn't closed on high performance funding, they can apply again.

Brett Dale said...

Glad to hear, Basketball does get funding at youth level.

Hopefully their next application at HP will be well received.