Friday, July 12, 2013

Garth Brooks

 Garth Brooks  did a benefit concert in Oklahoma, some people
 got their cell phones out and filmed, some way way in
 the back, these people uploaded their
videos to youtube. Well today they have

 been taken off by a copywrite complaint by
pearl records.

During the concert, Garth's took someone cell 

phone, and started filming them and
then gave the phone back.

Im thinking one of two things, some 

people are just going on youtube and making false
complaints pretending to be pearl records,

 just to be smart asses to Garth fans.

Or Garth's people dont understand social

 media, and this will harm his comeback bigtime.

Gone are the days, that you can release

 an album, and just go on the tonight show to promote

Not going on itunes is a big blow to him, but

 taking off your content from social media sites
will kill off his comeback, big time.

Again I actually think its people who arent from 

Pearl records that are maiking these false claims.

Garth's people cant be this dumb.

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