Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Monday, July 29, 2013

New JFK Doco (Second Shooter)

To be released in November for 50th
anniversary. This time the conspiracy theorists 
are going for the "Pulp Fiction" theory. Oswald shot him one, and a secret
service agent in the car behind JFK, pulled
out his gun and it accidently fired. Ya would think after 50 years the conspiracy
theory people could come up with something better.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Gregory Shuttleworth

You suck.

That is all.

Krissi Biasiello Vulgar Racist

Well, we now know, where Krissi Biasiello
heart lies.

Not only is she a vulgar crude hypocrite, she
is also a racist that makes rape jokes.

In tweets she used the N word, also making
a sick joke using the N word and rape.

I will reprint her tweet here, I only hope she
is exposed widely in the mainstream for the
hateful racist that she is.

Time will tell.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Krissi Biasiello saved on MasterChef


I'm calling it.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Royal Birth Announcement

Royal Birth Announcement

Sunday, July 21, 2013

RIP: Mel Smith

RIP Mel Smith.

More Quakes

Here's hoping they will stop soon.

Time will tell.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Greg Daniels

Congrats to Greg Daniels for getting
nominated for an Emmy for writing
The Office Finale.

Well deserved.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Mary Hells Kitchen

Here's hoping Mary wins Hells Kitchen.

Class performance thruout!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Case for Basketball

I think Basketball should get funding from
High Performance Sport New Zealand.

My reasons are many, for a start it's
truly a global game, it's a sport that
is played by both genders, and the
opportunities for both genders are
second to none.

It's been a game, when New Zealand has
done far far better than we should on the
world stage, to compete like we have in the
past 10 years has amazed me, and thrilled the

But it's not just the performances of the
National team should be taken into
consideration, its the educational
opportunities it gives young people.

 By funding Basketball at a youth level, you can
lift our young men and girls out of
poverty, there is probably no other
sport that could give a person living
in South Auckland or Aranui a chance
to attend college in the USA. The NCAA
program is always looking overseas for
talented high school players, to play in the
NCAA division 1/2/3 competitions.

Education is the key for young people,
Basketball is a way for them, yet HPSNZ
don't seem to understand this.

Basketball needs the funding so these players
can have a decent high school program in
New Zealand to increase their chances of
being spotted.

On a National team level, the funding is needed,
to bring back talent from  overseas, there are
currently a handful of kiwis playing at High School
in the states, and at college who wont get a look
in, because there arent the funds to bring them back.

With funding this group will get larger, and will be able
to be bought back, thus making our National men
and womans team stronger.

Alex Baumann the CE of High performance
sport New Zealand, wants Basketball
New Zealand to present it's case, a bit better.

He thinks it's not fair to other sports, that if
HPSNZ funds Basketball, those sports will
have their funding cut.

I say, he really should look at it, in a different way.

When you give Equestrian millions of dollars, your
funding an extremely small group of  people a lot of
money so the public of New Zealand can have one
feel good moment every four years.

When you fund certain martial arts your funding another
small group of people, so they can feel good about
being at the top of their sport.

When you fund Lawn Bowls, I mean seriously you
guys, fund Lawn Bowls???

When you fund the big sports in New Zealand, Rugby
Union, Cricket and Netball, your giving money to
sports that don't need money, yes we know we are
world beaters in these sports (well not cricket) but
it's slightly easier to win at these sports, since they're
arent that Global.

So I say, yes pour money into the sport of Basketball,
it should tick every box you want.

In fact there is no logical answer to why Basketball
shouldn't be funded.

Here's hoping one day it will be.

Time will tell.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

An Open Letter to Alex Baumann

Dear Alex Baumann, Chief Executive, of high performance sport
New Zealand, when a sport is as global as Basketball, its not fair
to expect a podium finish.

Your statement released today, seemed very well thought out,
but I'm afraid, it doesn't hold up when you look deeper into

You say Basketball wont have a podium position in 2016
and 2020.

Are you aware, of the Global presence of Basketball and
how hard it is to be a top three nation? It's virtually
impossible to expect the Tall Blacks or The Tall Ferns
to do this?

If you use this scenario, wouldn't Football get zero funding

It also doesn't ring true that you only fund sports that are
capable of a podium finish,your own webpage lists all the
sport's you fund, and some of them have never won a
medal at any Olympics or world champs.

We currently have players playing college Basketball and
High school Basketball in the states, who will go unnoticed
because of this insane rule that HPSNZ DONT APPLY
to other sports.

The game of Basketball is more important to kiwis
than Canoe Salom or Martial arts, to ignore it, is not
a good look. For our national team not to have
access to our best players is criminal.

The last thing I can say to yourself Alex Baumann,
is to do research and find out what an amazing
game Basketball is, and because of its GLOBAL
importance, look at the change it can make in young kiwis
life's, you may then feel different about your
funding decision.

Time will tell.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


It's absolutely heart breaking and
also extremely disappointing that
High Performance Sport New
Zealand wont give any funding
at all to the sport of Basketball
in this country.

For our National team not to be
able to have the resources that
funding would give them to
compete competitively on the
world stage is truly terrible.

Bringing Steven Adams home
for the series against Australia
should've been a must,  having
the funds to book decent hotel's
for the trip to China is a must.

To fund the game at youth level
is a must, yet the sport of
Basketball gets ZERO funding, despite
being the second biggest sport on
the planet.

The media cannot wash their hands of
this travesty, I would've thought that
any Journalist worth a grain of salt
to their profession, would totally be
ripping into HPSNZ, but it would
appear they're quite happy for
HPSNZ to fund, Squash, Canoe
Slalom and Takewondeo, hundreds of
thousands of dollars, but zero
for Basketball. Why is this, why is the
media, mostly silence on this, I haven't
yet figured it out, I wish someone would
tell me.

We have a great game in this country, but
it needs the money, without it, the sport will

I only hope in the next round of funding,
HPSNZ will look long term at the sport
of Basketball, and think, this is a sport
we should fund, this is a sport that is
global, this is a sport that can bring people
out of poverty.

I  hope that Journalistic pressure
and commonsense will make HPSNZ
fund the sport of Basketball.

Because the sport desperately needs it.


With the Millions you are going to make, will you be
giving any to Trayvon Martin's family?

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Trayvon Martin

Nelson Giants Lose Grand Final

Hard luck to the Nelson
Giants, not much to say
really, we were out played
and hustled for three quarters,
we played no defense at all
in the 1st, some in the second,
some in the third, and had a great
comeback in the fourth that fell

To be down 28 points at one stage
and then to only lose by 11, showed
courage and heart, but we needed
courage and heart for the whole
game, not the last ten minutes.

Doesn't help when you miss a ton
of three throws either.

So congrats to Paul Henare and
his Southland team.

Hard luck Nelson Giants, you
will always be my team in the
21st century.

Rams were my team in the 80's-90's.

Right Now

In Honor of Trayvon Martin

Garth Brooks Oklahoma

Someone uploaded this to youtube.

It's Garth Brooks singing Friends in Low
Places from the charity concert in Oklahoma.

George Zimmerman Not Guilty (part two)

Prosecuting team doing best to
remain claim and collective, they
must be spitting tacks right about
now, doing a great job, they dont
want people to get angry and riot,
so far Florida has held it's head high.

George Zimmerman not guilty.

How sad.

What were the jury thinking.

Another case of justice not being done, IMHO.

Thoughts and wishes to the Martin family.

George Zimmerman Not Guilty.

George Zimmerman not guilty.

How sad.

What were the jury thinking.

Another case of justice not being done, IMHO.

Thoughts and wishes to the Martin family.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Nelson Giants wins semi!!

Well done to the Nelson Giants, for winning
there semi final tonight against the Otago

It was the two Josh's that did it for the
Giants, Josh Pace , who was shooting
almost 100% and ended up with 25

Josh Bloxham who in the final quarter
hit three three's that sunk the Otago

A great great win, by a great
Franchise (and this is a Canterbury
Rams) fan saying this.

Fingers and toes are crossed
they can repeat the effort in
the final!

NBL Final Four Weekend

I have just watched two great games of basketball,
in the NBL final four. Southland Sharks pulled off
a massive upset and beat the Wellington Saints, and
the might of the Nelson Giants, beat the Otago Nuggets.

They will play each other tomorrow in the grand final.

Let me say this, its fu*kin disgraceful with the empty
seats in the stadium.

hang your head in shame, Hawkes Bay.

Sure your team didnt make the final, but this was
beyond embarrassing for the game in this country
which has been on a high lately.

Who promoted this? Who was in charge of making
sure ticket sales went well.

This has to be the smallest in the history of the final
four in this country.

It was awful seeing this.

Hawkes Bay better, NEVER EVER get a
final four  again, or any other important
basketball match.

Shame on them.


Steven Adams signs after amazing summer league

What a last few weeks for Steven Adams, drafted
at no12 for the Oklahoma Thunder, then standing
out in their summer league.

Now announced today, he has officially signed as
one of their 15 players.

The coaching staff of the Thunder, were very very
impressed that he was such a quick learner and
asked questions after question.

Going be great to see the big kiwi, get some
nba action this upcoming season.

Fingers are also crossed for NZbreaker import
Cedric Jackson who had one heck of a summer
league for the heat.

Thomas Abercombie gets his change in Vegas
next week.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Hells Kitchen Season 11 Episode 19

Who hasn't got a man crush on Jean Philippe?

The highlight of the latest episode of season

He's always trying to get one over on Chef
Ramsay, trying to make himself look good
 to the VIP's by getting them the chef table.

The episode itself was a surprise, the always nice,
Mary didn't get eliminated, even though she was the
worst cook in the kitchen.

I don't see how anyone but Jon can win this thing.

He's the Chef that has shown the most class and calm
under pressure.

It's only a matter of time.

Time will tell.

Garth Brooks

 Garth Brooks  did a benefit concert in Oklahoma, some people
 got their cell phones out and filmed, some way way in
 the back, these people uploaded their
videos to youtube. Well today they have

 been taken off by a copywrite complaint by
pearl records.

During the concert, Garth's took someone cell 

phone, and started filming them and
then gave the phone back.

Im thinking one of two things, some 

people are just going on youtube and making false
complaints pretending to be pearl records,

 just to be smart asses to Garth fans.

Or Garth's people dont understand social

 media, and this will harm his comeback bigtime.

Gone are the days, that you can release

 an album, and just go on the tonight show to promote

Not going on itunes is a big blow to him, but

 taking off your content from social media sites
will kill off his comeback, big time.

Again I actually think its people who arent from 

Pearl records that are maiking these false claims.

Garth's people cant be this dumb.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Krissi Biasiello MasterChef

There is a reason you are hated Krissi

It's not because of the reasons you think.

It's a lot of reasons, your lack of self awareness
for one.

Your treatment of other people.

You do know it's not standing up for yourself when you
verbally abuse other people and threaten to do physical

It was completely crazy that was she allowed to stay on the show
after this.

One of the other contestants got it wrong, they think that
Krissi Biasiello is actually insecure and that is why she
lashes out at people.

I totally disagree, she is a Narcissist who not only
has a high opinion of herself that is not deserved,
but an extremely low opinion of others, she thinks
the rules of common decency doesn't apply to her.

She wont stay on, she is kept for now for ratings purposes,
which is wrong, as I said in another posts, if she was
playing the part of a witch and wanted a career in
reality TV, I could understand, but it's not that, she
is just a vicious person, who's treatment of other's
is cruel and nasty.

Here's hoping the other contestants will have enough
and actually walk out on the show, but I don't see that

Time will tell.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Steven Adams

Good start to the NBA summer league. Six rebounds,
two blocks,  two points and the Thunder was +9 with
him on the court.

The big kiwi impressed the Thunder assistant coach,
a lot of work, but he's going to be something special.

The dunk showed his power inside, and that he is
ready to foot it in the NBA.

Great for kiwi basketball and great for the Thunder.

Garth Brooks

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Below are the reposts

Below this post are the three reposts, I talked about
in a previous post.

Make sense?

The reposts are...

Why is it always that guy.

The other guy.

Wheres my white privilege.

Again, I'm reposting these because of the
debate that has sprung up again, some
behavior of some people and I think the
point that a lot of people are missing.

This blog is going to be different soon.

Expect a lot Basketball.

Time will tell.

Why is it always that guy?

There is a scene on the programme Boston
Legal, where Alan Shore bursts into a Partner's
meeting as they're about to vote  on whether Brad
Chase should be become partner.

Alan Shore was incensed that his friend Jerry
Espenson wasn't put up for the position, he
looked up to the podium and  saw a
cut out of Brad's smiling face, looked at the
partners and says something along the
lines of  "Does it always have to be that guy?"

That got me thinking, Why is it always that guy?
In every aspect of life, it's always that guy.

It's always that guy who goes to a restaurant,
and gets the best table, and gets the best
service, and the best piece of steak.

It's always that guy who goes to a store in the mall, he
will get served first, he wont get a smart alec
shop assistant,  he will get the best customer
service possible.

Coming back from an overseas trip, that guy will fly
thru customs and not get picked for a routine bag

Buying Panadol from the chemist,that guy wont get asked for
ID, or the name of his G.P

Getting picked first for a team, whether it be as a
 kid on the sports field, a class room assignment,
 a  project at work, or on some lame reality
tv  show, it's always that guy.

A group of friends having a discussion,
 people will listen to that guy  first.

If different advice is handed out to
someone in trouble, it's that guys
advice they will take.

Your on a social media site, or at a dinner
party, it's always that guy's jokes that people
will laugh the  hardest at.

If that guy's got the slightest problem in his life
he will have a army of people, giving him
sympathy and telling him he's special, and every
issue in his life, is blown into a war and peace novel.

Heaven help you, if you don't like that guy, because I'm
afraid in life, it's all about him.

That guy doesn't even have any negative syndrome
 name after him, if your short, you have short guy syndrome,
if your fat, you have fat guy syndrome, if your ugly you
have ugly guy syndrome, if you write a negative blog you
have bitter guy syndrome, if you complain about that guy
you have jealous guy syndrome,  according to
another blogger there is a  "privilege denying guy", and
of course there is "nice guy syndrome", they are the
worst guys of the lot apparently, but that Guy doesn't
have a  negative syndrome, because he is that guy.

Can someone please please  tell me, why does it always have
to be that guy, or about that guy? Why is it always him?, he does
nothing special, others do better, but its always him, isn't it?

Like I said this post was written from seeing an old Boston
Legal clip, and a couple of incidents that went thru my
head after seeing that Boston legal clip. I have never figured
it out, why it  always have to be about that guy, like I said in
a previous post, this  post is not earth shattering, it's not
powerful and has no overbearing message, I just need to
know, why is it always about that guy, and why is it always
that guy?

Can someone tell me?

In a couple of days time, I will write about the other guy.
He deserves some thinking about to, I'm guessing that
guy will disagree.

The Other Guy

(Update July 12th, to read about that guy or other posts just
click on the banner heading)

Meet the other guy. It's never about him, it will never
be about him, it will never get better for him.

Unlike that guy, he doesn't get the best service in a
restaurant, he doesn't get the promotion, he doesnt fly
thru customs, he will get the smart alec shop assistant,
 because he anit that guy. He wont be listen to in a
group discussion, his opinion will be brush off, because
he anit that guy.

He may have a neurological disorder, he may have asperger's
or autism, he may be socially awkward or suffer from various
social anxiety issues, if something goes wrong, he will get the
blame and say nothing.

He will rarely venture out, he may never get married or even
have a girlfriend, yet he will go through life trying his best, he
will work, he will make his employers and that guy
a lot of money, yet he won't get credit.

So take a thought for the other guy, he may have
quirks, he may not look like that guy, but he does
 deserve your respect.

Too bad that guy and society disagrees.

Where's my White Privilege?

Hi, where is my white privilege? I don't think
I have any.

Too say racism or sexism doesn't exist is beyond belief.
Of course it still exists, in every day life, in the work
place, or in the street, sitting on a  airplane, getting
served in a Restaurant, getting funny looks because of
your race/gender/sexuality is disgusting.

Basically  to be judge by what you are, and  not who you are
is wrong.

Saying white privilege doesn't exist is also wrong, but
saying every white person has some sort of white privilege
is not cemented in reality.

I did a post a few blogs back, one titled "Why is it always
that guy?" and the other post was titled,  "The other guy"

Some white guys don't have white privilege, (not that
you would want it) if you short, fat, balding, unattractive,
you don't have white privilege.

Case in point, two white people ahead of me in
line at a chemist, one was coughing and spluttering
away, it was the middle of winter, this 30 something
guy  got stopped when buying Panadol.

They asked him for some photo ID, the name of his G.P
and various other questions, he was asked if he was using
it for P, he said no, he gave them his details and  he was sold
only one packet,  he looked like Danny Devito.

The guy behind him also bought pandol, he was
in his 20's I guess, he didn't get asked for I.D, he didn't get
ask any  questions, he got good service.

He was good looking and smooth.

Many incidents like that, are a case of "that guy" syndrome
and not "white privilege syndrome"

If your good looking, your are going to get better service
than someone who isn't.

Go to your local mall, take a look at the short fat guys, the
balding guys, the geeky guys, see how society treats them
compare to the good looking guys, nothing to do with white
privilege, but a bias.

About ten years ago, two clinical psychologists  did this test, they
got two men, both white, one six foot two, one five foot two,
they dressed them up in the same looking outfit, and asked woman in
the street, what they thought their jobs were.

For the guy who was six foot two, the replies were, "He's a lawyer",
"Hes a stock broker" "He's a CEO" "He's a millionaire"

For the guy who was five foot two, the answers were "He's on
the dole", "He's off to see his parole officer", "He's a kitchen hand",
"He's on Minimum wage"

I don't think that guy has any sort of white privilege.

My point is, yes white privilege exists, but not all
white guys have it, and some white guys suffer from different
types of prejudices also.

Just something to think about.

High Performance Sports New Zealand

(Update: Youth BBall in this country
really needs funding, if Kiwis want
our kids to follow in Steven Adams's
footsteps, it would be kinda nice in
the next funding round, if BBall gets
some funding)

Yet to receive an answer from
High performance sports New Zealand
over the lack of funding for Basketball,
well it's not so much a lack of funding,
Basketball gets no money.

Since someone from HPSNZ has
been to this blog twice, It would
be kind of nice if they left a comment
or two.

We have a great sport in this country,
and it's called Basketball, be kind
of nice if the young boys and girls
that played it got a helping hand.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Fourth of July

To all American, wherever you are in the world.

Happy Fourth of July!

Hope it's a good one.

Thomas Abercrombie

Monday, it begins for Thomas Abercrombie.

His one last shot at making the NBA.

He will be playing for the suns in the NBA summer league.

All the best to him.

It would be amazing to see two kiwis in the NBA.

Time will tell.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Cleaning up My Blog

Basically just a tidy up.

Will change the way it looks at another date.

In the meantime, just been contacting the known
trolls and asking them to stop.

Also been adding labels to make it more user
friendly, and more useful to me, if I have to go
back and look for something that I need to
comment on again.

The amount of people who deny saying something
and are hypocritical is beyond belief.

Anyway, just trying to make this more simpler.

Will it work?

Time will tell.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013















Monday, July 1, 2013

July 1st 2013: The death of my Childhood

Today is a sad day indeed. July 1st 2013, New Zealand
time, is the day my childhood officially died. Ever since
back to the future 2,  my dream had been to see a
hoverboard get invented, every so often during the
decades, my hopes would go up, every time the
movie came on tv, every time a Scott Neitlich or
a mattel spokesperson would hint, that they're
working on one,  my heart would soar with happiness.

I would see youtube videos of French/German/Israeli's
people with huge IQ's, showing in a controlled environment
that hoverboards can indeed hover.

I started to think, that sure maybe there wont be one in
my lifetime like in the movie, but just perhaps in a controlled
environment like a indoor skating rink, I might in the future,
have a hoverboard experience.

Until today, when I read the following that was posted over
at the rpf forums...

"If you look at those super conductivity experiments, you will
 find the conditions yo be impractical for what you are
 proposing. To keep the conditions of the experiments
 noted, you have to use some toxic materials as well produce
 extreme temperatures over a wide area. It is impractical to
 apply and engineer as you want at this time. There are theories
 on high temperature super conductivity but again, on the scale
 you are speaking and with the use you are talking of, just not 
practical to do. In those cases, you are manipulating the 
environment, not producing a board capable of hovering 
on its own. If you did create a large scale room, the cost 
would be astronomical for that ride around the room, not
 to mention the dangers of the environment to do so in.

Those desktop examples are just that with extreme limitations.
 The technologies you are asking for just are not available on
 such a scale and while it would be cool to have, the reality
 is that the hoverboard is a fictional device and will continue
 to be such for some time into the future.

If you want a ride, they could hook up a pole to the

 bottom of a board as they did in the filming and you could
 zoom around the room like a carnival ride. I would hate
 to think of the liability of you took  a fall on that system.

 It would be more practical and you get an illusion effect.
 But in the end, its as cheap of an experience as the method. 
You would be better to go snowboarding or skiing and have a
 better feel in a real environment. Or, attach wheels to the board 
and have a skate board. The "hover effect you are looking towards
 is just not a reality than me as a pilot demanding Boeing make a 
functional X-wing with all the movie capabilities."

I am now shattered and sad, this was the final nail in the
coffin to my hoverboard dreams, this was the final nail
in the coffin to my childhood. Its over.

As the great Garth Brooks once said.

Reality is no friend of the dreamer.

RIP: Hoverboard dreams.