Monday, June 3, 2013

Will Smith and Nepotism

If Oxford dictionary had pictures, under Nepotism,
there would be a huge picture of Will Smith.

He not only defines the word, he lives it, and takes
it to another level.

Don't get me wrong, I use to love Will Smith, I use
to sing along to "I can beat Mike Tyson" and the
classic, "The girlie had a mustache" I would
occasionally watch Fresh Prince, it was a harmless
wee comedy, but lately he has been showing
something that is a cross between Nepotism and
White Privilege.

Will Smith was the executive producer for the
remake of The Karate Kid, and decided the
best actor for a major motion picture would
of course be his kid.

He also decided it would be a great to hire
the top music  producers on the planet, to
make a multi million dollar music video,
starring his daughter Willow.

His latest effort is the grotesque, "After
Earth" starring him and his son as the
movie's hero. It's not the fact, that this
movie sucks, it's not the fact that his
kid, well just can't act, it's the Nepotism
and white privilege involved.

The nepotism is thru the roof here, every
award show, every movie premier, yeah are
his kids, talking to the camera, like they have
had 40 years careers and what they have to
say, is of vital importance.

To produce a movie and to favor your
own kids over other kid actors will ruin
their careers, if that is the path they want
to take.

Perhaps Will Smith can take a lesson from
Garth Brooks, who recently told media, that
only one of his daughters want a career in
the music industry, and the way he has helped
her, he hasn't called his producer friends, or
use his influence, he just bought her a guitar
and told her to stay away from reality shows,
and make it on her own talent.

Something for Will Smith to think about.

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