Friday, June 7, 2013

TVNZ and Kelston Boys High School

Thoughts and wishes to the family of the young rugby union
player, who got assaulted after rugby union practise, and then
died in hospital.

But why oh why, when TVNZ did a report on this, and started
to talk about violence on the sports field, did they show footage
of a Rugby League game?

What were they trying to say, that it was the sport of Rugby League

If a kid died after a Rugby league practice would TVNZ show footage
of a Rugby Union game?

Of course not.

It was disgusting and vile Journalism tonight, to do a serious
and tragic story on a boy's death and yet still have to have a
pot shot at the sport of Rugby League?

Im speechless, Im without speech.

Shame on TVNZ.

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