Saturday, June 29, 2013

Scott Neitlich why didn't you run with my idea?

Why oh why didn't Scott Neitlich, run with my idea of
creating a Hoverboard ride at one of the big theme

What a coupe that would've been for Mattel.

Sure his prop replica Hoverboard, didn't get
the reaction he wanted.

Sure he came out and said, actually it's just a toy.
(I guess with the nickname toyguru, he has to say

Sure Mattel has now deleted the back to the future
board over at

But I still think my idea is great, a controlled environment
indoors, when you can someone make hoverboards, hover.

I mean they have anti gravity rooms, why not a big indoor
skating type rink, that make the boards hover?

It would make Mattel a Billion dollar company, into a trillion
dollar company and Scott Neitlich would be worshiped
around the world.

He took the easy road though, promoting dolls.

A sad day for hoverboard fans, everywhere.

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