Sunday, June 9, 2013

Nelson Giants take a shot for cash

Okay at the end of the first quarter during Nelson's
home basketball matches, they get someone from the
crowd to take shots to win cash.

The person has 30 seconds in total.

If they get a shot from under the hoop they win five dollars.

They then get to go to the foul line, if they get that they win 50.

If they get that, they go to the three point line to win 500.

If they get that, they can go to half court and try to win 5000.

As I said the person has 30 seconds.

They have volunteer, to give the ball back to the person shooting.

Now you would think, these volunteers would be quick about it, but
this volunteer, always takes his time and just casually rolls the ball
back to the person, he doesn't rush at all, in tonight's game,
the other volunteer got the ball and instead of giving
it back to the shooter, she just handed it to
 the volunteer who just passed it back slowly.

Now I wouldn't be beeped off if I was
 shooting, if they were told to do this
by the company who sponsors this,
 because they have to make it hard
as possible.

This is not the case though, these volunteers
are just dumb asses who
aren't thinking or couldn't care less.

I compare it to a game I saw in the states, same concept, but the
volunteers were cheering the person on trying their hardest to get
the ball back to the shooter.

Is this a laid nack Kiwi thing, did they think it was funny that they did

They seem very disinterested.

Here's hoping this guy will stop being full of himself, and do
the right thing and get into it.

Time will tell.

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