Saturday, June 29, 2013

Krissi Biasiello wont last on MasterChef

As stated in a previous post, Krissi
Biasiello is just a mean nasty person,
she isn't a plant by the producers, she
doesn't want a career in reality TV, she
is not playing the part of the bitch.

She will however, be used by the producers,
kept around for a few more episodes, have
some more incidents, but she wont make the final.

It may be ratings gold to have someone like her
during the series, but not for the final episode,
because she just totally dominates the show,
and the final show cant be about a person like
that, it has to be about the prize.

What we will see, she will go, she will of course
complain and maybe shed a tear, but she wont learn,
she will be the type of person, who when she is
out of the public eye, she will still be thinking, she
is right, and everybody else are idiots, not knowing
that in life, she is the problem, she is the one that
causes grief  in what every work place she is in,
while thinking, all these people are wrong.

One thing worst than a hypocrite, is a hypocrite
that is not self aware.

I have meet too many of those in my life.

Hopefully I wont meet any more.

Time will tell.

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