Thursday, June 20, 2013

Krissi Biasiello MasterChef

Here is my problem with Krissi Biasiello
who is currently a contestant on season
four of Masterchef  USA.

I could kinda understand if she was
playing the part of the mean Obese
middle age woman who no one likes.

I could understand if she was playing
the game that most people on reality
shows play, hoping they will get
further TV work.

This is not the case, she is just a mean
cruel person, who is a hypocrite.

For anyone to constantly have a hatred and
a low opinion for the people around them,
shows what little respect they have for humanity.

In tonight's episode she  put people down and
took no personal responsibility  for her team's loss.

Then she had the audacity to make members of her
team who weren't responsible to take part in a
elimination challenge.

Then came the her biggest hypocritical moment, after
last week ripping into Jordan for saving himself, Krissi
Biasiello decided to save herself, but instead of doing
it in a dignified manner, she used her own son as an
excuse saying  she wants to cook, but her son would
want me to save myself.

What kind of person would do this, the kind of
person who would probably like Krissi Biasiello?

To use her son an excuse was inexcusable.

Then during the elimination, she took great delight
watching people fail.  When Bime Cruz got eliminated
she celebrated.

I hate to see what her son is going to think when he's
old enough to understand.

Reality tv is often not real, people act the part of a
bitch, because I guess they take it's funny, it's not
though when someone really is one.

Shame on you Krissi Biasiello.

May you never be seen on any show again.


Anonymous said...

I'm from Philly and She does NOT Represent me or anyone I know. You covered this but let's get very specific. She said "That was a bitch move and that would get your ass beat where I'm from". I nor anyone else would have a problem with her saving herself. Hell anyone who doesn't save themselves is an idiot as the judges have even said out loud on a previously show season of Master Chef.
But to pull this crap, lol. The good news is we all know she won't make it to the end and I take solis in the simple fact that she got crushed by the red team.
I just hope that the preview for next week really does have her in hot water with Joe, and wasn't edited in such a way that its really someone else. But with that big mouth I don't see anyone else left that would be dumb enough to do it but her. She gives Philadelphians a bad name... Please move to New Jersey.

Anonymous said...

she a two face bitch I be happy to see her go, I will never cook buy any thing with her on it cook book or recipes, must be real proud to show her kid the bitch she is, how nasty she plays

Anonymous said...

You got it completely right. I know that reality TV is designed to be outrageous and that the producers and cameramen try to get the contestants to say controversial things to boost viewer interest, so some amount of bad behavior is to be expected. The part I find most amazing is that Krissi does not even have the self control to keep her mouth shut about why she is doing what she is or the class to keep a poker face when she is pleased about others failure. She may be a great cook, but she is a poor human being.

Brett Dale said...

For her to take pleasure from other's failures, shows her true character.

Anonymous said...

Krissi is simply a mean, low class bitch. The hate she shows for others reflects on what a nasty person she is and I'd love to meet her so I could slap her fat ugly face.