Thursday, June 6, 2013

John Minto: The Hypocrites Lifetime Achievement Award

Congrats to John Minto for being
awarded the Lifetime Achievement
Award at the Hypocrite's society, annual meeting.

Here is a so called advocator of free
speech  who has spent most the last
 15 years saying the most hateful,
vile racist statements against Americans,
Israeli's and anyone who is right of his
ideology (which makes up 99.98% of
New Zealand's population.)

Whenever he spurts out his hate
the public says "That is disgusting, but
we in a free society where people can
say disgusting things"

Yet John Minto has the audacity to
go to the Human rights commissioner
to stop someone else from having their
free speech. (Al Neisbet's cartoon)

This shows the self righteousness of
John Minto and I would go as far as to say
sinister piece of trash he is.

But he sums up the far left, who always
seem to chant, "Free Speech" but are
the first to start up a letter campaign  if
someone says something they don't like.

John Minto is their poster child, because
he lives for behavior like this, without a
doubt he is New Zealand's biggest hypocrite,
but because he has no self awareness, he
continues this repulsive attitude of free speech
only belongs to him.

Mr John Minto has earned his lifetime achievement
award from the Hypocrites society, he won't learn
from it though.

That's the sad thing about him.

It's all about him.

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