Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Jim Hickey: Corrupt or Incompetent

Is TVNZ's weather forecaster Jim Hickey, corrupt
or incompetent?

Yes, places are getting snow tonight, inland places,
downsouth are feeling the chill.

But for the past few days, Jim Hickey has virtually
been promising that the city of Christchurch will
get a once in a life time snow event, an event that will
make the 1992 snowfall look like nothing.

This sent Christchurch people into a panic, ripping
stuff off shelves at supermarkets, buying things they
dont really need, stocking up on goods, like they were
going to be snowbound for months.

Well in reality, Christchurch city are just going to get
a few flakes, on top of the port hills might get a dusting,
but down at sea level, well there might be nothing at

This is disgraceful reporting by Jim Hickey, what
the hell was he and TVNZ thinking.

The good people of Christchurch has gone thru
enough with the Earthquakes and aftershocks, and
now we have Jim Hickey sending people into a
panic thinking the mother of all storms is heading
their way.

What is Jim's motivation? Does he own shares
in foodstuff's? Does he own shares in  other
supermarket chains? Or is he just incompetent?

Time will tell.

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