Sunday, June 2, 2013

It's not easy being Green

It's not easy being Green.

But the Greens have made it a lot harder for themselves,
the past few weeks, by screwing the NewZealand
public, by playing hate politics.

I guess their little advisors, told them they have to
come off as being aggressive to appeal to middle
New Zealand.

Unfortunately, Russel Norman, just can't sell it.

His behavior the past few months has been quite
repugnant, trying to stop anything that will earn
kiwis money by sabotaging any policy the
Government puts in place.

Here's his problem, people do want to invest and
get ahead, in these hard times, any amount of
extra money kiws can put in their pockets will

But that is not in Russel Norman's best interest's,
he needs us to be poor, he needs us to hate the
neighbor with the bigger house and the bigger pool,
because according to the Green's, they're just rich pricks,
but he cares about us!

Well New Zealander's aren't falling for your lies, we
don't hate the investors, we congratulate them for having
the courage to take risks.

Now that your  plan of attack didn't work for you, you
have attacked Prime Minister Key personally, which is
a fatal mistake, it never works.

The Greens at the moment are below 10% in the
latest polls, in polls leading up to past elections, they've
been polling 13-15% to only end up with around 10%.

If this trend continues, The Greens might only end up
with 6-7% in the 2014 election.

Perhaps then, the Greens will learn their lesson, and
move back to being an environmental party and not
a radical left party who hates any form of progress.

Like I said, it's not easy being Green, they have a
choice, will they take the right one?

I anit holding my breath.

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