Saturday, June 22, 2013

Internet Arguing Part Two

Troll, troller, trolling, troll boy, ya troller,
troll away little man, little man syndrome,
tiny man, man oh man, to the manor born,
mansplainer, explain yourself, your doing it
again, you dont know your doing it, just do
it, just because, I said so, so what, so your
here again, here today gone tomorrow, gone
with the wind, gone away, go away.

Should I call you an ambulance, or a wambulance,
what's a wambulance webecca?, did the big bad
woman tell you off, or was it big bad wimmin, woman
I cant hardly express, express yourself with out being
a dick, your a dick, your a cock, your a cock, your a

Racist, sexist, hater,white privilege, dream on white boy,
loser, wimp, grotesque scum, die, die now, you suck,
your the suckiest suck that ever suck, why dont you
F off, f off now, f off you loser, shut up free speech,
shut up free speech, born free, im free at last, free
tv with every bucket bought.

You dont belong, you dont speak, you dont get it,
you live in the dark ages, live and let die, james
bond, shane bond, how them blackcaps. Put
your other cap on, dont wear that, dont not include
be inclusive, be what we want you to be, but ask
first, first is better than second, there's three seconds
left, three, ya being green now, danny green, danny crane,
boston legal.

But what about iraq, you dont care about brown people,
or black people, or yellow people, we're all people arent
we, not you, get lost, i want to get lost in your rock and roll,
you anit rock, you anit even a little country. tonga.

dont stick your tongue out, i can stick my tongue out,
only we get to, you still dont understand, i am right,
she is right, she is cool, she the best, she's big, shes
bad, she better than her dad, funniest person ever.

Fun fun fun, barrel of laughs, how dare they, they
suck, those  beeps, dont censor me, dont  say that.

Irony, Iron, Iron Maiden, overrated piece of crap,
thats what  your favs are, hahahhahaha, so sad
now, come on girlfriends retweet, we win an
internet argument.

As I said around two years ago, insults catch
phrases, name calling on the internet, stupidity
nonsensical rambling, being a smartass, meanness,
swearing on the internet.

Anit that funny, one after the after.

But people deserve it though.

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