Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Homophobic Slurs at Rugby Union Games

(This post has been written in response to an
item in the nzherald and a piece written at the
hand mirror, about the vile homophobic comments yelled
out at the new zealand versus France Rugby Union

One of the reasons I dont follow Rugby Union, is because
 of people like that. The last game I went to was in 1988.

What type of person in the year 2013 will still yell out 

homophobic slurs? Where the heck was the security to remove 
these guys.

You know something else, it's not a small

 minority of rugby fans either, that do this.

I myself have been called the F word for not following

 Rugby Union, although it must be a million times
 more degrading for a gay person to be called this.

It's the mindset of a lot of rugby union fans, that they

 think they can get away with the abuse they give
 people, because the sport is in such a position o
f power,that no one will ever dare question what a
 rugby union player or supporter has to say.

I remember about a year ago, walking thru a park 

and a game was going on, there was this guy in his
 60's, standing next to his daughter and his grandkids, 
watching his grandson play, I stopped, because I heard
 him yelling out over and over again,

"Your playing like a bunch of girls, your playing

 like girly forwards, your a bunch of wimpy girls"

I said to him in the loudest voice I could muster.. "MY 

niece has a poster of the USA soccer player Mia Hamm 
in her room,it has the words, WHEN YOU SAY I PLAY

The other fans on the sideline told me to F off.

To me that sums up a lot of Rugby fans in New Zealand.

Until you get someone like Dan Carter or other 

All Blacks going on tv, and talking about how
 disgusted he is with homophobic remarks at 
rugby games, it will always continue.

But since a few years back, the NZRFU, didnt

 wanted a poster of two gay men in the changing rooms
 in their rugby uniforms, it's not going to stop.

As the poster at the hand mirror pointed out, it
wont stop until one of the New Zealand team,
takes a stand of courage.

Unfortunately courage is something they lack.

They dont want to upset their homophobic base.

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