Sunday, June 30, 2013

High Performance Sports New Zealand Funding Decisions

Below are some of the sports
that HPSNZ fund. Take a look
at the last one.

Bowls $300 Thousand
Squash $275 Thousand
Softball $230 Thousand
Surf Life Saving $180 Thousand
Canoe Slalom  $135 Thousand
Takewondeo $17 Thousand
Paralympics $1.4 Million
Canoe $1.2 Million
Winter Olympics $1.73 Million
Triathlon $1.4 Million
Yachting  $2.8 Million
Netball $1.2 Million
Woman Rugby Sevens $800 Thousand
Basketball $0

Your kidding me right, HPSNZ? You
can fund Bowls, Squash, Canoe Slalom
with hundreds of thousands of dollars

But Basketball doesn't get a cent?


Who made that decision? and why
weren't they fired?

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