Sunday, June 23, 2013

Dan Schneider

Is Dan Schneider just inappropriate or is he more
sinister than that?  Or is he just a misunderstood
genius, or is he just a very good producer/writer
of kids television shows.

Dan Schneider has produce and written some of
the biggest kids  shows in modern day TV history.

His shows, all on the kid's network Nickelodeon,
include Drake and Josh, Zoey 101, iCarly and
Victorious, he is currently producing and writing
two new shows called Sam & Cat and Gibby.

Internet forums are full of conspiracy theorist's
nutjobs theories, that say he has been having sex
with his teen actresses.

Since these theories have been around for years
and he has never been arrested, I think it's a
safe bet they aren't true.

So he isn't sinister, but when you look at some
of the scenes he writes and produces for his
shows (which are aimed at children) it is
definitely age inappropriate for his target
audience , (kids age between 8-12) and
also inappropriate for the teen actresses
that act in his shows.

In many scenes in his shows, the young actresses
are bare foot,  they have had condiments poured
over their feet, one girl started to suck on her own
toes, another girl massages her friends feet, it's all
written for comedy effect, the target audience may
find it just silly, but is Dan Schhneider, actually
getting some sort of  pleasure out of it?

One of the most bizarre scenes from one of his
shows, came from the show "Victorious" when
the actress was joking around and said" I wonder
if I can get juice out of this potato, the potato of
cause was oddly shaped, she hold it closed to
her mouth (in what had to be a reference to
oral sex) and started to say "Give up juice" while
groaning, what made the scene worst, was in between
she was wondering if she could drink water upside down,
splashing water all over her face.

Dan Schneider shows have a history of this, you just
have to google his name. The website and
 Victorious and Icarly at are just a couple
of sites, that list inappropriate scenes.

Bloggers and forums all over, are questioning his shows,
yet the mainstream media dont seem to have a problem
with them.

So perhaps, people are being paranoid? Perhaps
it's all innocent? Perhaps he's just putting something
in for the older viewers to have a bit of a laugh
that will go over the head of the younger target
audience? Perhaps it's all innocent fun?

But what say it isn't?

Dan Schneider is in a position of power,
with powerful friends, and people don't
like upsetting power people.

So fingers are crossed that  it's all good, and
it's just some silly tv on Nickeloden.

With his two new shows coming out, time
will tell.

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