Sunday, June 30, 2013

Last Night I Had The Strangest Dream

I dreamt Hoverboards were real.

Every year, there is a time, where I
become a kid again, and hope against

Time will tell.

High Performance Sports New Zealand Funding Decisions

Below are some of the sports
that HPSNZ fund. Take a look
at the last one.

Bowls $300 Thousand
Squash $275 Thousand
Softball $230 Thousand
Surf Life Saving $180 Thousand
Canoe Slalom  $135 Thousand
Takewondeo $17 Thousand
Paralympics $1.4 Million
Canoe $1.2 Million
Winter Olympics $1.73 Million
Triathlon $1.4 Million
Yachting  $2.8 Million
Netball $1.2 Million
Woman Rugby Sevens $800 Thousand
Basketball $0

Your kidding me right, HPSNZ? You
can fund Bowls, Squash, Canoe Slalom
with hundreds of thousands of dollars

But Basketball doesn't get a cent?


Who made that decision? and why
weren't they fired?

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Steven Adams

Scott Neitlich why didn't you run with my idea?

Why oh why didn't Scott Neitlich, run with my idea of
creating a Hoverboard ride at one of the big theme

What a coupe that would've been for Mattel.

Sure his prop replica Hoverboard, didn't get
the reaction he wanted.

Sure he came out and said, actually it's just a toy.
(I guess with the nickname toyguru, he has to say

Sure Mattel has now deleted the back to the future
board over at

But I still think my idea is great, a controlled environment
indoors, when you can someone make hoverboards, hover.

I mean they have anti gravity rooms, why not a big indoor
skating type rink, that make the boards hover?

It would make Mattel a Billion dollar company, into a trillion
dollar company and Scott Neitlich would be worshiped
around the world.

He took the easy road though, promoting dolls.

A sad day for hoverboard fans, everywhere.

Krissi Biasiello wont last on MasterChef

As stated in a previous post, Krissi
Biasiello is just a mean nasty person,
she isn't a plant by the producers, she
doesn't want a career in reality TV, she
is not playing the part of the bitch.

She will however, be used by the producers,
kept around for a few more episodes, have
some more incidents, but she wont make the final.

It may be ratings gold to have someone like her
during the series, but not for the final episode,
because she just totally dominates the show,
and the final show cant be about a person like
that, it has to be about the prize.

What we will see, she will go, she will of course
complain and maybe shed a tear, but she wont learn,
she will be the type of person, who when she is
out of the public eye, she will still be thinking, she
is right, and everybody else are idiots, not knowing
that in life, she is the problem, she is the one that
causes grief  in what every work place she is in,
while thinking, all these people are wrong.

One thing worst than a hypocrite, is a hypocrite
that is not self aware.

I have meet too many of those in my life.

Hopefully I wont meet any more.

Time will tell.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Steven Adams Creates History

Congrats to Steven Adams for becoming the first Kiwi
to be drafted in the first round of the NBA draft. He
was drafted by the Oklahoma City Thunder.

A great day for New Zealand sport, a great day for
his family, a great for Steven and a great day for
the Thunder.

Heres hoping he will become a star of the NBA.

Time will tell.

Thursday, June 27, 2013


Your doing it right.

Well done to Wendy Davis.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Nelson Mandela


Sunday, June 23, 2013

Dan Schneider

Is Dan Schneider just inappropriate or is he more
sinister than that?  Or is he just a misunderstood
genius, or is he just a very good producer/writer
of kids television shows.

Dan Schneider has produce and written some of
the biggest kids  shows in modern day TV history.

His shows, all on the kid's network Nickelodeon,
include Drake and Josh, Zoey 101, iCarly and
Victorious, he is currently producing and writing
two new shows called Sam & Cat and Gibby.

Internet forums are full of conspiracy theorist's
nutjobs theories, that say he has been having sex
with his teen actresses.

Since these theories have been around for years
and he has never been arrested, I think it's a
safe bet they aren't true.

So he isn't sinister, but when you look at some
of the scenes he writes and produces for his
shows (which are aimed at children) it is
definitely age inappropriate for his target
audience , (kids age between 8-12) and
also inappropriate for the teen actresses
that act in his shows.

In many scenes in his shows, the young actresses
are bare foot,  they have had condiments poured
over their feet, one girl started to suck on her own
toes, another girl massages her friends feet, it's all
written for comedy effect, the target audience may
find it just silly, but is Dan Schhneider, actually
getting some sort of  pleasure out of it?

One of the most bizarre scenes from one of his
shows, came from the show "Victorious" when
the actress was joking around and said" I wonder
if I can get juice out of this potato, the potato of
cause was oddly shaped, she hold it closed to
her mouth (in what had to be a reference to
oral sex) and started to say "Give up juice" while
groaning, what made the scene worst, was in between
she was wondering if she could drink water upside down,
splashing water all over her face.

Dan Schneider shows have a history of this, you just
have to google his name. The website and
 Victorious and Icarly at are just a couple
of sites, that list inappropriate scenes.

Bloggers and forums all over, are questioning his shows,
yet the mainstream media dont seem to have a problem
with them.

So perhaps, people are being paranoid? Perhaps
it's all innocent? Perhaps he's just putting something
in for the older viewers to have a bit of a laugh
that will go over the head of the younger target
audience? Perhaps it's all innocent fun?

But what say it isn't?

Dan Schneider is in a position of power,
with powerful friends, and people don't
like upsetting power people.

So fingers are crossed that  it's all good, and
it's just some silly tv on Nickeloden.

With his two new shows coming out, time
will tell.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Internet Arguing Part Two

Troll, troller, trolling, troll boy, ya troller,
troll away little man, little man syndrome,
tiny man, man oh man, to the manor born,
mansplainer, explain yourself, your doing it
again, you dont know your doing it, just do
it, just because, I said so, so what, so your
here again, here today gone tomorrow, gone
with the wind, gone away, go away.

Should I call you an ambulance, or a wambulance,
what's a wambulance webecca?, did the big bad
woman tell you off, or was it big bad wimmin, woman
I cant hardly express, express yourself with out being
a dick, your a dick, your a cock, your a cock, your a

Racist, sexist, hater,white privilege, dream on white boy,
loser, wimp, grotesque scum, die, die now, you suck,
your the suckiest suck that ever suck, why dont you
F off, f off now, f off you loser, shut up free speech,
shut up free speech, born free, im free at last, free
tv with every bucket bought.

You dont belong, you dont speak, you dont get it,
you live in the dark ages, live and let die, james
bond, shane bond, how them blackcaps. Put
your other cap on, dont wear that, dont not include
be inclusive, be what we want you to be, but ask
first, first is better than second, there's three seconds
left, three, ya being green now, danny green, danny crane,
boston legal.

But what about iraq, you dont care about brown people,
or black people, or yellow people, we're all people arent
we, not you, get lost, i want to get lost in your rock and roll,
you anit rock, you anit even a little country. tonga.

dont stick your tongue out, i can stick my tongue out,
only we get to, you still dont understand, i am right,
she is right, she is cool, she the best, she's big, shes
bad, she better than her dad, funniest person ever.

Fun fun fun, barrel of laughs, how dare they, they
suck, those  beeps, dont censor me, dont  say that.

Irony, Iron, Iron Maiden, overrated piece of crap,
thats what  your favs are, hahahhahaha, so sad
now, come on girlfriends retweet, we win an
internet argument.

As I said around two years ago, insults catch
phrases, name calling on the internet, stupidity
nonsensical rambling, being a smartass, meanness,
swearing on the internet.

Anit that funny, one after the after.

But people deserve it though.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Krissi Biasiello MasterChef

Here is my problem with Krissi Biasiello
who is currently a contestant on season
four of Masterchef  USA.

I could kinda understand if she was
playing the part of the mean Obese
middle age woman who no one likes.

I could understand if she was playing
the game that most people on reality
shows play, hoping they will get
further TV work.

This is not the case, she is just a mean
cruel person, who is a hypocrite.

For anyone to constantly have a hatred and
a low opinion for the people around them,
shows what little respect they have for humanity.

In tonight's episode she  put people down and
took no personal responsibility  for her team's loss.

Then she had the audacity to make members of her
team who weren't responsible to take part in a
elimination challenge.

Then came the her biggest hypocritical moment, after
last week ripping into Jordan for saving himself, Krissi
Biasiello decided to save herself, but instead of doing
it in a dignified manner, she used her own son as an
excuse saying  she wants to cook, but her son would
want me to save myself.

What kind of person would do this, the kind of
person who would probably like Krissi Biasiello?

To use her son an excuse was inexcusable.

Then during the elimination, she took great delight
watching people fail.  When Bime Cruz got eliminated
she celebrated.

I hate to see what her son is going to think when he's
old enough to understand.

Reality tv is often not real, people act the part of a
bitch, because I guess they take it's funny, it's not
though when someone really is one.

Shame on you Krissi Biasiello.

May you never be seen on any show again.

James Gandolfini Dies

James Gandolfini has died.

He died of a suspected heart attack in Italy.

He will be best known for his amazing work
on the Sopranos.

He was  only 51 years old.

I loved that show, it became an instant classic,
and has now gone down in history as one of the
best dramas ever.

What can one say?

Thoughts go out to his family and friends.

May he rest in peace.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Jim Hickey: Corrupt or Incompetent

Is TVNZ's weather forecaster Jim Hickey, corrupt
or incompetent?

Yes, places are getting snow tonight, inland places,
downsouth are feeling the chill.

But for the past few days, Jim Hickey has virtually
been promising that the city of Christchurch will
get a once in a life time snow event, an event that will
make the 1992 snowfall look like nothing.

This sent Christchurch people into a panic, ripping
stuff off shelves at supermarkets, buying things they
dont really need, stocking up on goods, like they were
going to be snowbound for months.

Well in reality, Christchurch city are just going to get
a few flakes, on top of the port hills might get a dusting,
but down at sea level, well there might be nothing at

This is disgraceful reporting by Jim Hickey, what
the hell was he and TVNZ thinking.

The good people of Christchurch has gone thru
enough with the Earthquakes and aftershocks, and
now we have Jim Hickey sending people into a
panic thinking the mother of all storms is heading
their way.

What is Jim's motivation? Does he own shares
in foodstuff's? Does he own shares in  other
supermarket chains? Or is he just incompetent?

Time will tell.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Danny Green

Live by the three, Live by the three.

If the spurs win, he has to be the NBA Finals,

Kudos to him, and well done to all those three
point shooters around the world.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

All The Faces Creed Bratton

Homophobic Slurs at Rugby Union Games

(This post has been written in response to an
item in the nzherald and a piece written at the
hand mirror, about the vile homophobic comments yelled
out at the new zealand versus France Rugby Union

One of the reasons I dont follow Rugby Union, is because
 of people like that. The last game I went to was in 1988.

What type of person in the year 2013 will still yell out 

homophobic slurs? Where the heck was the security to remove 
these guys.

You know something else, it's not a small

 minority of rugby fans either, that do this.

I myself have been called the F word for not following

 Rugby Union, although it must be a million times
 more degrading for a gay person to be called this.

It's the mindset of a lot of rugby union fans, that they

 think they can get away with the abuse they give
 people, because the sport is in such a position o
f power,that no one will ever dare question what a
 rugby union player or supporter has to say.

I remember about a year ago, walking thru a park 

and a game was going on, there was this guy in his
 60's, standing next to his daughter and his grandkids, 
watching his grandson play, I stopped, because I heard
 him yelling out over and over again,

"Your playing like a bunch of girls, your playing

 like girly forwards, your a bunch of wimpy girls"

I said to him in the loudest voice I could muster.. "MY 

niece has a poster of the USA soccer player Mia Hamm 
in her room,it has the words, WHEN YOU SAY I PLAY

The other fans on the sideline told me to F off.

To me that sums up a lot of Rugby fans in New Zealand.

Until you get someone like Dan Carter or other 

All Blacks going on tv, and talking about how
 disgusted he is with homophobic remarks at 
rugby games, it will always continue.

But since a few years back, the NZRFU, didnt

 wanted a poster of two gay men in the changing rooms
 in their rugby uniforms, it's not going to stop.

As the poster at the hand mirror pointed out, it
wont stop until one of the New Zealand team,
takes a stand of courage.

Unfortunately courage is something they lack.

They dont want to upset their homophobic base.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Nelson Giants take a shot for cash

Okay at the end of the first quarter during Nelson's
home basketball matches, they get someone from the
crowd to take shots to win cash.

The person has 30 seconds in total.

If they get a shot from under the hoop they win five dollars.

They then get to go to the foul line, if they get that they win 50.

If they get that, they go to the three point line to win 500.

If they get that, they can go to half court and try to win 5000.

As I said the person has 30 seconds.

They have volunteer, to give the ball back to the person shooting.

Now you would think, these volunteers would be quick about it, but
this volunteer, always takes his time and just casually rolls the ball
back to the person, he doesn't rush at all, in tonight's game,
the other volunteer got the ball and instead of giving
it back to the shooter, she just handed it to
 the volunteer who just passed it back slowly.

Now I wouldn't be beeped off if I was
 shooting, if they were told to do this
by the company who sponsors this,
 because they have to make it hard
as possible.

This is not the case though, these volunteers
are just dumb asses who
aren't thinking or couldn't care less.

I compare it to a game I saw in the states, same concept, but the
volunteers were cheering the person on trying their hardest to get
the ball back to the shooter.

Is this a laid nack Kiwi thing, did they think it was funny that they did

They seem very disinterested.

Here's hoping this guy will stop being full of himself, and do
the right thing and get into it.

Time will tell.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Awesome: An Archie Movie

Awesome, this will take me back to my childhood,
please oh please I hope they get the casting right.

Time well tell.

TVNZ and Kelston Boys High School

Thoughts and wishes to the family of the young rugby union
player, who got assaulted after rugby union practise, and then
died in hospital.

But why oh why, when TVNZ did a report on this, and started
to talk about violence on the sports field, did they show footage
of a Rugby League game?

What were they trying to say, that it was the sport of Rugby League

If a kid died after a Rugby league practice would TVNZ show footage
of a Rugby Union game?

Of course not.

It was disgusting and vile Journalism tonight, to do a serious
and tragic story on a boy's death and yet still have to have a
pot shot at the sport of Rugby League?

Im speechless, Im without speech.

Shame on TVNZ.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

John Minto: The Hypocrites Lifetime Achievement Award

Congrats to John Minto for being
awarded the Lifetime Achievement
Award at the Hypocrite's society, annual meeting.

Here is a so called advocator of free
speech  who has spent most the last
 15 years saying the most hateful,
vile racist statements against Americans,
Israeli's and anyone who is right of his
ideology (which makes up 99.98% of
New Zealand's population.)

Whenever he spurts out his hate
the public says "That is disgusting, but
we in a free society where people can
say disgusting things"

Yet John Minto has the audacity to
go to the Human rights commissioner
to stop someone else from having their
free speech. (Al Neisbet's cartoon)

This shows the self righteousness of
John Minto and I would go as far as to say
sinister piece of trash he is.

But he sums up the far left, who always
seem to chant, "Free Speech" but are
the first to start up a letter campaign  if
someone says something they don't like.

John Minto is their poster child, because
he lives for behavior like this, without a
doubt he is New Zealand's biggest hypocrite,
but because he has no self awareness, he
continues this repulsive attitude of free speech
only belongs to him.

Mr John Minto has earned his lifetime achievement
award from the Hypocrites society, he won't learn
from it though.

That's the sad thing about him.

It's all about him.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Will Smith and Nepotism

If Oxford dictionary had pictures, under Nepotism,
there would be a huge picture of Will Smith.

He not only defines the word, he lives it, and takes
it to another level.

Don't get me wrong, I use to love Will Smith, I use
to sing along to "I can beat Mike Tyson" and the
classic, "The girlie had a mustache" I would
occasionally watch Fresh Prince, it was a harmless
wee comedy, but lately he has been showing
something that is a cross between Nepotism and
White Privilege.

Will Smith was the executive producer for the
remake of The Karate Kid, and decided the
best actor for a major motion picture would
of course be his kid.

He also decided it would be a great to hire
the top music  producers on the planet, to
make a multi million dollar music video,
starring his daughter Willow.

His latest effort is the grotesque, "After
Earth" starring him and his son as the
movie's hero. It's not the fact, that this
movie sucks, it's not the fact that his
kid, well just can't act, it's the Nepotism
and white privilege involved.

The nepotism is thru the roof here, every
award show, every movie premier, yeah are
his kids, talking to the camera, like they have
had 40 years careers and what they have to
say, is of vital importance.

To produce a movie and to favor your
own kids over other kid actors will ruin
their careers, if that is the path they want
to take.

Perhaps Will Smith can take a lesson from
Garth Brooks, who recently told media, that
only one of his daughters want a career in
the music industry, and the way he has helped
her, he hasn't called his producer friends, or
use his influence, he just bought her a guitar
and told her to stay away from reality shows,
and make it on her own talent.

Something for Will Smith to think about.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

It's not easy being Green

It's not easy being Green.

But the Greens have made it a lot harder for themselves,
the past few weeks, by screwing the NewZealand
public, by playing hate politics.

I guess their little advisors, told them they have to
come off as being aggressive to appeal to middle
New Zealand.

Unfortunately, Russel Norman, just can't sell it.

His behavior the past few months has been quite
repugnant, trying to stop anything that will earn
kiwis money by sabotaging any policy the
Government puts in place.

Here's his problem, people do want to invest and
get ahead, in these hard times, any amount of
extra money kiws can put in their pockets will

But that is not in Russel Norman's best interest's,
he needs us to be poor, he needs us to hate the
neighbor with the bigger house and the bigger pool,
because according to the Green's, they're just rich pricks,
but he cares about us!

Well New Zealander's aren't falling for your lies, we
don't hate the investors, we congratulate them for having
the courage to take risks.

Now that your  plan of attack didn't work for you, you
have attacked Prime Minister Key personally, which is
a fatal mistake, it never works.

The Greens at the moment are below 10% in the
latest polls, in polls leading up to past elections, they've
been polling 13-15% to only end up with around 10%.

If this trend continues, The Greens might only end up
with 6-7% in the 2014 election.

Perhaps then, the Greens will learn their lesson, and
move back to being an environmental party and not
a radical left party who hates any form of progress.

Like I said, it's not easy being Green, they have a
choice, will they take the right one?

I anit holding my breath.