Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Why Justin Bieber got Booed at the BMA's

Never thought I would do a blog post about
Justin Bieber.

But I have figured out why, he got booed at
the BMA's.

It's the public stance against his marketing and
his own inability to work out why he is successful
and his prima donna attitude.

A long long time ago I worked at a fast food
restaurant, we had a manager there, who's
sense of self worth was through the roof, he
treated people like crap.

Now some may say, Gordon Ramsay does the same
thing, the difference being is Ramsay paid his dues
and is truly one of the great chefs of the world, while
a manager at a fast food restaurant, clearly isn't.

So we come to Justin Bieber, a kid who has a nice
voice, and is a good looking young kid  with such a  baby face.
His fan base is mainly young girls and middle age woman.

But he's a kid who has never paid his dues, he didnt play
the cheap sleazy bars for ten years like Garth Brooks,
he didnt grow up in a trailer park and rap in
underground venues, like Eminem, he never played
in his parents garage like Kurt Corbain.

Yet he comes across, as the world should
acknowledge his talent and that he gets to
behave in a way that the rest of society doesn't,
I could kinda understand, if he started off his career
like the above people, having worked, toiled and
sweated his way to the top,  but no, basically the kid
got lucky, and had the right people behind him.

To stand in silence at the BMA's like the world
should be hanging on your every word, was
embarrassing for himself, and he embarrassed
everybody in that room, he hadn't earned the
right to do that.

So we come to the main reason, why I think he got
booed, and that is marketing.

I live in New Zealand, and went to a local mall
today, I passed by a bookshop, and in the window
was a display for your very own Justin Bieber pen set.

Next to that was several Official and Unofficial Justin Bieber
autobiography's and next to that was Justin Bieber's secret

Now there is no way in hell, this kid knows all this stuff is
on the market, he would've course signed off on the
company to use his image,  to whore yourself at such
a young age is truly shallow and not to know what
products are using your image, shows you have no

Everytime I log on to the internet and go to a news site
in New Zealand or the USA or anywhere in the world,
there is a story about Justin Bieber, every time I turn
on a radio there is a news item about him, read a newspaper
or turn on the TV, the same thing, it's like he is afraid if
we dont see or  hear about him 24/7 we might not love him
or care anymore.

It's extremely grotesque that he would allow all these news
organizations, to keep doing this, believe me if the PR company
he hired, didnt contact the news outlets and PAY them to
do a story on him, he wouldn't be in the news.

But this is what this 19 year old man wants, every day on
earth, everybody on earth, must hear a reference to him,
it's quite sickening in fact.

The public shouldn't have to see blown up pics of him
kissing Selena Gomez, if the media stopped printing
these pics and stories, the world wouldn't care, yet
there is a whole team of PR people to make sure
these pictures will happen.

Every camera shot, every bit of hair, every piece of
his outfit is to make sure the world is thinking..

"That is one cool kid"

Now sure this kinda of marketing is now new, but
it has never, ever been to this extreme and the
attitude of this narcissist who is not very self aware,
is terrible and it will blow up in his face.

He could save his career, by not selling out at
every stop, and firing his PR firm, but I doubt
that is what he wants.

It shouldn't worry me, but I would love to go
one day without having to hear, what he is
up to, but that isn't going to happen, Justin
Bieber will make sure of it.

If it continues though, the boos will get a
lot louder.

Time will tell.

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