Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Office

The Office has one episode left, what can one say?

I started watching the office around season four, I
was so sure it couldn't hold a handle to the english
office, after watching season one, so I stopped
watching it.

Then I decided to give it another go, and now it's
one of my favorite shows of my lifetime.

I feel bad, I only started to blog about it, around
season 8, and that was the worst season, so my
posts were negative.

I look back on the series with fondness, and a
sincere warmth, that other series, cant match.

Season nine has blown me away and has cemented
The Office as one of the greats, the tenderness shown
between Dwight and Pam, and Dwight and Jim and
of course Jim and Pam has come off so well, it's  a
credit to all those involved.

Now with one episode left, what are office going
to do?, we can be thankful that we have nine years
of memories, we can watch and rewatch, we can
go back and see how the writers developed the
characters, we can catch references, we can truly
appreciate it for the wonderful piece of art it is.

Thank you to the office, it's going to be very sad tomorrow
to see you leave, what you given television, can never be repaid.

Hats off to everybody involved and roll
on the finale!

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