Friday, May 10, 2013

The Office Review" "A.A.R.M"


I'm in tears.


The last two episodes of The Office have been the best
they have ever done.

With just  ONE episode left of all time,  The Office tied up
some loose ends before the finale.

The video Jim showed Pam of their time during the
past years, was very emotion and showed Pam that
they will never split up.

Daryl dancing with his fellow co workers before
he left was a nice surprise and showed his real
feelings for them.

Meredith telling the doco team she had been on
her best behavior was freakin brilliant.

Kevin being Kevin was great, Dwight being told
it's his kid was and Angela excepting his proposal
of marriage was a highlight.

But what made this episode, what they did to perfection,
what had me in tears, was the Jim and Dwight moment.

Two rivals, who pranked each other for
nine years, (well mainly Jim doing the pranking)
showed each other their true feeling's, they touched
on it in the last episode, but took it one step further
in tonight's episode.

When Jim gave Dwight the speech, and Dwight got
all red eyed, you believed the emotion from both men.

Great friends, who truly care about each other.

The Office needed this scene to put it alongside
the greats of Television, and with that scene, its
place in TV history is cemented.

It was perfection.

Well done to the cast and crew of the office.


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