Friday, May 3, 2013

The Office: "Living the Dream" Review

Not really a review of tonight's episode, (the pic above
is not from tonight's episode), but a comment on tonight's

I'm so so so glad, the office has done what I wanted
before it ended.

I've been dying for a scene like this for this season nine
and it happened, now I'm really okay with how they take
the final few episodes.

I wanted a scene involving Dwight and Jim, even though
they had been rivals for nine years, there was a genuine
respect and fondness for each other.

I was afraid this would never be shown, but the writers

When Jim went up to congratulate Dwight on becoming
manager, Jim put out his hand, and thought better of it,
and went it for a hug, the hug was mutual.

It was warm, it was tender, and handled beautifully
by the actors.

Also in a following scene, Jim asking to be assistant to
the regional manager was a nice touch.

Ten out of ten for The Office tonight, one of the best
episodes, they've ever done.

Ten out of

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