Friday, May 17, 2013

The Office Closes

Best Finale since MASH.

Home run, out of the park.

Tender and warm, and funny with the exact amount of
emotion needed, with the characters staying true to

So many highlights,  what an amazing idea by the
writers and producers to let the characters do
a talking head segments about their time at
Dunder Mifflin.

That was the main point of the storyline, each character
got to say their goodbye, if your a fan of the office, you
will be in tears.

I agree with Jim, it was his best prank ever on Dwight,
to pull out as Best man, because he secretly had got
Michael to come back for the wedding.

I cheered and yelled, and then laughed as Michael Scott
delivered the greatest That's what she said, ever on the

Dwight giving Jim and Pam a huge severance package
was wonderful, and showed his true feelings and when
he said they could stay in his barn, it was classic Dwight.

Loved his talking segment, when he talked about his
co workers and ended with saying Jim was the best
man at my wedding and Pam is my best friend, every
office fan around the world, must of bawled their eyes
out at that comment.

The Line of the night, belongs to Michael, looking at
Jim and Pam and Dwight and Angela at the same
table talking and laughing and Michael says with
a big smile on his face. "It's like my children all
grew up and married each other"

So the story lines were

Michael and Holly have Children.

Jim and Pam are going to Austin for Jim's
sports marketing career.

Dwight married Angela and is the regional manager.

Kevin has bought a bar.

Erin found her birth parents.

Andy Bernard  was laughed at on youtube but has
now found success at Cornell.

Darryl also works for the sports marketing business.

Toby was sad, but  cheered up, when his coworkers
inviting him back for drinks at the office.

Stanley lives in Florida.

Phyllis is still married and really misses Stanley and is
trying to fatten up her new co worker.

Meredith has got a Phd.

Creed got arrested for drugs.

Ryan and Kelly ran away together.

Nellie adopted Ryan's baby.

Oscar is running for State Senate.

To say this episode if ten out of ten,
does it a disservice, this was the best
finale since MASH. Nothing comes

Truly wonderful.


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