Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Steven Adams set to become New Zealand's Biggest sport's star

When Steven Adams is drafted to the NBA, most
people are expecting him to be drafted  in the top
20, his world will change and the New Zealand
sporting scene will change.

He will become New Zealand's most famous sports
person, ahead of the likes of Sean Marks, Ryan Nelsen
Wynton Rufer, and even Peter Snell.

He will also after his first year become our highest paid
sports person, he of course will be on the rookie wage
for his first season, but then his wage will sky rocket.

He is a seven footer, who has a great transition game and
a seven footer with a jump shot, yes a seven footer with a
jump shot.

So get ready New Zealand, for he's about to take the world
by storm.

Enjoy the ride.

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