Thursday, May 2, 2013

Porirua Policeman becomes Hero

A Porirua Policeman has become a hero, saving
a woman's life.

They tasered a man a who was trying to stab a woman.

What can one say about our police force. They put
their life's at risk everyday, only for the public to verbally
abuse them, only for politicans to scream out that they're
too rough, opnly for bloggers to take the criminal's side.

Well guess what? a lady is alive today because of the police,
an officer saved someone's life, an officer put his own life
at risk to stop a thug from murdering someone, how can
this officer be repaid for his heroic deeds?

Well little boy racers can stop wearing FTP shirts, politicans
from various extreme left wing parties and stop screaming
about how bad the police are, bloggers can write pro
police stories and the public of New Zealand can say
two words.

Thank you.

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