Thursday, May 9, 2013

Modern Family Review: "My Hero"

Tonight's episode of Modern Family, tilted "My Hero"
may not be the funniest of the season, but it certainly
was one of the sweetest.

This season I feel the character of Alex may be
under used, it's great that Ariel Winter is finally
being taken care of in real life by responsible adult's
and in tonight's episode, it was great to see  Haley
take Alex under her wing, and show her how to flirt.

This was the highlight of the episode for me, and when
Alex told her older sister that she was smart, it was a sweet
touch, the later scene showing Haley get the community
college pamphlets  out of the trash, while Alex was seen
in the background smiling ear to ear was a wonderful moment,
no show does this type of scene better than Modern Family.

The other story lines were good, Cam being jealous that the
family is still friends with Mitch's old boyfriend was funny
and typical Cam. The storyline of Claire not wanting to work
with Jay was believable, the mini storyline of Phil and Gloria
though seemed to be thrown in  there.

I like the fact that Manny wrote in his paper that his whole
family were his heroes, it seemed typical that a teacher
would mark him down for not reading the assignment right,
I side with Manny on this one, he should've gotten an A.

Luke didnt have much to do in this episode.

Anyway, a sweet episode with Alex and Haley stealing the


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