Thursday, May 23, 2013

Modern Family Review: "Goodnight Gracie"

Modern Family had it's season four finale tonight.

The show of course has been renewed. It ended on
a high, with what I thought was a sweet moment, involving
the Dunphy's youngest daughter, Alex.

Phil's mother had died, so they all went down to
Florida for her funeral, of course the side stories
were extremely funny, Mitch representing Gloria
on a false charge of running a brothel, Cam befriending
a bunch of old ladies, Jay tracking down his first, and
Phil's late mother's last wish of setting her husband up
with a nice lady neighbor.

For myself though, this episode was actually about
Ariel Winter, the young actress who has had a hell of
a year, who is now being looked after by her older sister
after her mother mistreated her.

Ariel Winter play's Alex Dunphy, the Dunphy's youngest
daughter who never breaks the rules and always tries to
do the right thing.

So in the show, Alex's grandmother leaves her a lighter, and
a note telling her, that the lighter was left in a cafe by Paul
Newman and she took it, and a guy who saw, didnt tell,
 of course that guy turned into Alex's grandfather.

A beautiful message for Ariel and Alex, that's its okay
to break the rules.

A wonderful  message for anybody really.

A wonderful season finale from a wonderful season.


Roll on season five.

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