Thursday, May 2, 2013

Modern Family Review: "Career Day"

It had been a long wait in between episodes, but the
wait was well worth it. Once again, Modern Family has
done a ten out of ten episode.

Let me say, I hate Gil Thorpe as much as Phil Dunphy, I
hope the writers keep up the rivalry , because it's
great to see the happy go lucky Phil, stressing out.

This episode revovled around three stories, Jay wanting
to write a book, Claire thinking about working for Gil
Thorpe and Cam and Mitch accidently giving Lily $100
dollars  for her tooth.

The tooth fairy storyline worked, and Hayley saving the
day by telling Lily that Santa is watching was pure genius.

Having Manny write the "Chuck Stone" storyline for Jay
was brilliant, only a kid wouldnt know that cellphones
were around that many decades ago.

Best storyline again, had to be the Gil Thorpe storyline,
Phil tries so so hard to be the cool dad for his kids, and
having his speech ruined at career day by Gil and then
having Gil offer Claire a job, and Phil in the end supporting
her, showed Phil's heart.

(I would love a Phillow by the way) Thankfully Clarie
quit her job.

A wonderful episode, after a month's break and only three
episodes left of the season.

Modern Family is the best thing on Television at
the moment, its a credit to the writers/creators/actors,
long may it continue.

Ten out of Ten.

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