Friday, May 10, 2013

Mighty River Power Shares Soar

Congrats to all kiwis who bought shares in Mighty
Power River, over 100 kiwis are now richer, and
that is amazing.

There would've been more investors making a bigger
profit, if the New Zealand Labour Party and The New
Zealand Green party didn't play vulgar  politics and
come out and try to stop it, they scared all 100's of
thousand of kiwis who were going to invest, and now
those kiwis have lost out.

Shame on the Greens, and shame on Labour.

When will these extremist political parties learn that
they don't have any right to tell Kiwis who we can
or cannot buy shares in?

So once again congrats to the people who didn't
take notice of the small protests around the country,
who stood by their convictions, who didn't listen
when the Greens and the Labour party, played the
politics of fear, they're the winners of today and
you know what, they deserve to be.

Well done to them.

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