Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Jim and Dwight TV's greatest Couple

Jim and Dwight are surly TV's greatest ever couple.

Jim and Pam are up there too, but for me in the whole
history of television, no one comes close to Jim and

Bitter bitter rivals, with Jim's prank playing always seeming
to get the better of Dwight, but Dwight always had his
moments also, remember the epic snowball fight, sure
Jim hitting Dwight with a snowball inside was perfect,
but Dwight's epic snowman army, instilled fear into
Jim, that day might be considered to one of Dwight's

Yet despite being rivials, they always seem to have
each other's back's if someone else was trying to
pick on one of them.

Dwight's protection of Jim, when Jim was attacked, Jim
not telling Dwight's secret to the rest of the office and of
course Dwight's fondness for Jim's wife, Pam.

Now in the final season, with just one episode left, we
have been shown their true feelings for each other, a
deep deep friendship, an understanding that they come
from different places, but a true respect and a true
bond with each other.

This is why, I think this couple could be the greatest
TV couple in Television history, and one of the
reasons that The Office is one of the greatest
TV shows in history.

One episode left, Jim and Dwight will be  missed
and will never be replaced.



Battlestar Galactica.

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